Favourite gadgets from Computex 2017

4 things I loved at Computex 2017

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I’ve been back from Taiwan for little over a week now. I was there for Computex 2017 with Evetech (who sponsor my YouTube channel). There are a host of daily vlogs you can watch over on the Evetech YouTube channel as well as a few extras on my own channel. I’ve added them to this post as well if you don’t feel like jumping around.

I also wanted to share the 4 things I loved at Computex 2017. These are specific products that were launched that I now want in my gadget collection. Take a look:

The Antec Cube

Favourite gadgets from computex2017

You probably know by now that Razer sponsors me. It is a partnership I’m extremely proud of. I was rather bleak when I found out they wouldn’t be at Computex 2017. However, they did pop up regularly. One of the places I found them was at the Antec product showcase. Antec was one of the companies that assisted Evetech in getting me to Computex. The first thing they showed me when I arrived was the Antec Cube designed by Razer. This mini ITX gaming case has the expected Razer aesthetic with the green logo and LED underglow stripes in green. There is also that typical Razer green LED rear exhaust fan. I loved the case because it was compact and unobtrusive. One of the other media described it as having “Esports design elements”. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell that means, but if it means it appeals to me – he may have been bang on the money. For the techies: the Antec Cube has a 3.5″ HDD Drive Bay, up to 4 2.5″ SDD bays, 3 expansion slots and space for graphics cards up to 330mm in length.

Here’s Day 1 of my Evetech trip to Computex. These vlogs are currently on the Evetech YouTube channel:

Vertagear Gaming Chairs

Favourite gadgets from computex2017

I’ve never really got the gaming chairs fad. I’ve sat in a DX Racer and it is mind blowing but it isn’t something I could imagine having in a home office. This all changed when I saw the Vertagear Gaming Chairs. They are absolutely spectacular. I love the design of them because you could easily have one at your desk and get away with it. The Trigger line is my specific favourite. They don’t follow the typical racing chair set up but rather look a little more “traditional”. They have a mesh finish for breathability and this sexy aluminium alloy finish which is done in the Ford factories. It adds a certain amount of style to the chair that I dig. My pick from Computex 2017 was definitely the Trigger 350. It is so comfortable and has these paddles on the arm rests to adjust height and the angle of the back. You don’t have to fiddle underneath the chair. Just hit the paddles or Triggers (see where the name came from?). The Vertagear range is coming to South Africa and will be exclusive to Evetech. I’m going to be first in line.

Watch Day 2 of my Evetech YouTube take over while at Computex. Spot the famous YouTubers 😉


Favourite gadgets from computex2017

Truth time: I know very little about PC builds. I’ve always gone the gaming notebook route or jumped on my brother’s PC (which has always just done what I need). But as I’ve got more intrigued by streaming and YouTube content I’ve had to start looking for solutions to game and record footage. You’d be surprised how many notebooks struggle with that. So, of course, I’ve started to look a bit more into the PC master race. I’m currently very torn between building myself a  custom rig versus getting a gaming notebook. The only reason I’m on the fence about the rig is because of the lack of space in my house. If I had a spot to put it I’d have already gone the PC way. Because of this new interest I’ve started paying more attention to things I probably didn’t bother about before. Motherboards are one of those things. The new X299 TOMAHAWK from MSI was at Computex 2017. I loved the stainless steel heatsinks and was also impressed with the M.2 Shield FROZR which is specifically built and designed to protect against thermal throttling on M.2 SSDs. The board also offers VR Boost and VR Ready so you’d be able to jam some VR games as well. Seriously, maybe I need to bite the bullet and go custom rig?

Watch Day 3 of my Evetech YouTube take over. There is a lot of Motherboard action in this one:


Favourite gadgets from computex2017

Remember how I went on about this obsession with potentially getting a PC set up? Well, it means screens are now something that get me excited. ASUS didn’t disappoint at Compute 2017 when they released their ROGSwift PG35VQ. This is a 35″ curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. It brags 3440 x 1440 resolution and HDR and the display has G-Sync. This quantum dot LCD’s real attraction is the 200Hz refresh rate. I’m kind of obsessed and love the addition of lighting that I show off in my vlogs. The screen is also really easy to adjust and move around which is a big plus for my girl muscles. Seriously.

Here’s Day 4 of my Computex adventure:

Those were the 4 things I loved at Computex 2017. Was there anything you spotted that you think I missed? Let me know in the comments below. For a recap of everything in the 4 vlogs (in case you missed them) here’s the final vid:

A huge thank you to Evetech for making this trip happen and the support of MSI and Antec. This was a once in a life time experience that I will remember and cherish forever. Every Tech Girl’s dream, no doubt!

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