Baby it’s cold outside & here’s what you need to know

The cold front is here (ice, ice baby), and it’s time to snuggle up, drink hot chocolate, change into your daytime pjs (you know what I’m talking about) and browse the interweb. This week I’ve found that covfefe is still funny, that my parents weren’t as strict as I first thought and that there is a twitter account that rates dogs.

Also Sam, our ed, organized the most amazing event to get girls interested in gaming along with Acer. Check out the twitter stream #AcerForGaming at the end of the post to see what went down. Also if you’re ever at Nexus in Randburg, you have to try their milkshakes. I had a peanut butter one and it is now the peanut butter milkshake that I will compare all other milkshakes to. I only took a picture of it after I had finished it, it was that good.

The origin of covfefe

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Donald Trump will be remembered for a lot of things and one of those things will be covfefe. After his typo, Trevor Noah created Covfefe: Based on a True Typo and you just have to watch it. I’ve watched it like 5 times and it’s still funny.

People who grew up with strict parents

strict parents

When this article popped up in my newsfeed, I could immediately relate. While my parents weren’t super strict per se, they did always follow through and we knew no meant no.

My tale of woe is that we were never allowed to order milkshakes or tomato sauce when we went to a fancy restaurant. “This isn’t the Spur”. But compared to some people in the article, I had it easy.

From no straws to no cartoons and even read the  book first if you want watch the movie, I take comfort in knowing that there are kids who had it worse than I did.

The scariest gif you’ll see all day

Just watch it and then enjoy sleeping well tonight. Creepy AF.


A Twitter account that rates animals

Rate my Dog is a hilarious Twitter account that like the name suggests, rates dogs. Here are a few of my favourites:



And then there is this account that rates lizards…

Apple introduces a do not disturb while driving feature

When your device detects that you are driving, the screen goes dark and mutes any notifications or calls. While there is an option to send automatic messages to say that you are driving, there is also an “I’m not driving” button to deactivate the feature. I think Apple just invented a new way for everyone to feel guilty when they lie to their phones. Thanks Obama.

hands free kit funny
Who needs hands free when you’ve got do not disturb while driving



On Wednesday (7/6) TechGirl hosted #AcerForGaming which was awesome. To see what went down check out the feed below.


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