4 new tech developments added to tattoos

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

It is no secret that I like ink. I have 5 tattoos and am currently planning to make two of them a bit bigger. While trying to figure out what to do to them I’ve been trawling the internet and found some interesting tech that has found its way into tattoos. I won’t lie there are a few of these things I’d like to add to my body. For now I’m going to settle for adding some extras to my current pieces. If you’re wondering, the photos in this post were all taken at the launch of Fallen Heroes Black – a new tattoo parlour in Parkhurst which is an extension to the current Fallen Heroes we all know and love.

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

If you’ve read this blog regularly you’ll know I have a rather rad piece on my shoulder. Its an abstract art design in a host of colours. That was done by Peaches at Fallen Heroes. I have a piece from Munky, also from Fallen Heroes, as well. Fallen Heroes Black looks to be an amazing spot and I’ll definitely be visiting soon (and possibly getting some more ink). You can find out more about the new store here. But now, for the 4 new tech developments added to tattoos that I’ve found:

Connected ink that allows you to control your smartphone

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

This is a funky new piece of tech developed by DuoSkin. Using stick on tattoos printed on gold leaf, the company is able to add electronic components to the tattoos before applying them to the body. The tattoos have a metallic finish and look really funky. But, because of all the electronic additions they can also do a host of fun things including control your smartphone from your skin. The tattoos can work as a track pad and can also change colour based on body temperature. There is also the option to add an NFC device to the designs. In time the options here will be endless.

Tattoos that only last for a year

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

There is a start up called Ephemeral working on a new type of tattoo to go away after one year. Basically the ink will last for a year and then disappear. Much like the microblading phenomena hitting the beauty world. The ink is made a bit differently with smaller dye molecules sitting in a bigger molecule. Makes no sense to me but basically if you’re a bit of a commitment-phoebe you can commit to one year and, if you’re bored of the work by the end of it no worries, it will be gone. Else you can return to have some permanent ink utilised to seal the deal.

Tattoo removal should get easier

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

I’ve never had a tattoo removed but I’ve heard it can be painful, expensive, time consuming and not always 100% effective. Ephemeral is working on another ink that will assist with this. They’ve developed a removal solution which will allow an artist to trace over your current tattoo to help make it go away even quicker. Time will tell if this becomes the new normal.

Tattooing but to get rid of stretch marks?!

4 new tech developments added to tattoos

This is my final tech development but I’m kind of not all that sure about it. Apparently a Brazilian company has found a way to use different coloured inks on your stretch marks to make them look less visible. The whole thing sounds a little weird to me because tattoos do change over time. Inks do fade and the pigment alters so I’m not sure how long this method would last. So careful before running off to your nearest parlour.

Those are my 4 tech developments in tattoos but now I want your input. Which is one that you’d want to try? Know of any others I missed? Drop them in the comments below. 




  • Reply Arlene Beukes April 20, 2017 at 12:39

    Connected ink…Sounds very sexy 😉 Great post, thanks Sam!

  • Reply ysabelkid May 8, 2017 at 15:17

    I like the connected ink, but disappearing tattoos … why would you do that to yourself? All that pain for something that will disappear? No, thanks.

  • Reply Monique🎶 (@leenderm) May 11, 2017 at 11:20

    After 3 kids, I think I’ll try the tatoo’ing to get rid of these stretchmarks 🙂

    • Reply Sam Wright May 12, 2017 at 06:45

      I’ve had no kids but want to try anyway hahaha

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