The internet reacts to THAT Pepsi commercial

bytesized mini logoBytesized is my space to share my favourite things from the internet from the past week. So for this post I’m going to poke some fun at Mark Zuckerberg. Obvs.

But I’m also going to explain THAT Pepsi ad to you. The one everyone is ranting about. Wonder if Coke will make an appearance at the South African protests today? Lol.


Stories are everywhere 

Facebook Messenger stories are now a thing. And we’re seeing them all over the show. I think Zuckerberg might have gone overboard. #StoriesAreEverywhere

snapchat stories

And this creates a new problem, I am not cool enough. #WhatSheSaid

Kendal Jenner’s Pepsi Ad

I remember the morning I woke up and was greeted by this YouTube advert from Pepsi. I didn’t know what I was watching. And then when I had watched it, I wondered how that made it onto the interwebs. Surely there were a couple of people who raised objections…surely?

The ad is below for you to watch. But if you couldn’t be bothered (fair) then I’ll give you a brief overview. Black lives matter protest. Kendall Jenner modelling. Kendall sees hot boy in protest so decides to follow him and join said protest. Gets to front line, bravely hands police officer Pepsi. Everyone dances.

Basically it shows that the Kardashian/Jenner clan can’t make everything cool, which restores my faith in humanity somewhat. But the internet outrage was based around the dumbing down of serious issues regarding protest action and police brutality. Also since its release, Pepsi has withdrawn the ad but unfortunately none of us can unsee it.



Learn how to speak Emoji 

learn to speak emoji

Duolingo is a language learning app that makes spreakening a taal fun. They also have something called Tinycards which is a flashcard based learning system.

Oh if only we had this back when I had to learn biology in high school. My favourite part has to be the explanation:

With the help of this course, parents ? ? and grandparents ?? everywhere can now learn how to better communicate with their children and grandchildren ? ? – without using any words at all!

Just think we will now live in a world where parents will actually know what the eggplant emoji means.




[Tweet “Want to learn how to speak emoji? Well there is an app that teaches you just that. “]

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