24 hours in the legend of zelda

My First 24 Hours in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you asked me to tell you about my day to day life a few weeks ago, there would be a whole lot of “did some work; practiced some Yoga; wrote a few reviews”. If you ask me now, however, my answer couldn’t be more different. Basically the Nintendo Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild came out and into my life, and along with that, everything else that had me preoccupied – left.

This isn’t going to be a review, I’m not going to try and convince you to play Zelda or tell you all the reasons why you should. The internet is full of that already. No, this is just going to be me, sharing 24 hours of my life with you, showing you what life is like when a Switch and Zelda come into it.

So without further ado, welcome to 24 hours of Zelda.

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-And so it starts-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

After spending the last few hours coming up with and shooting my “Nintendo Switch Unboxing” video I’m FINALLY ready to start playing some Zelda. Now I say I was shooting the video for the last few hours, but what you should read there is that I was cleaning up the trash heap that is my life (and house) so that I could shoot the video. This is the longest that I’ve had a new console in my reach and not played it. That’s changing NOW! I’M SO EXCITED!

I’m upset. I need to create a user on the Switch so that I can start playing but “Constantine104” is too long. So now I’m going into Zelda as “Const104” which my partner has gleefully told me sounds like “const-ipated”.

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-I need to go rinse my mouth out-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

I need you to trust me on something here, The Legend of Zelda game tastes HORRIBLE. Yes, you read that right, the game tastes awful, well the cartridge at any rate. Thankfully, it doesn’t play like it tastes, more like the exact opposite. So far I’ve not done much. I’ve nested myself on my couch and met a mysterious old man in game (I’m not sure why video game characters’ parents never seemed to warn them about the dangers of talking to strangers) and he’s sent me off on my first quest.

Also, I’ve spent a lot of time climbing trees and making my partner stop what he’s doing to look at me in the tree.


Image 4



Dear Zelda Adventurer,

How are you doing?

I am currently standing on top of the single highest tower I have ever climbed, taking selfies. I am wonderful. I’m also getting mighty annoyed by this old man just shunting me around all the time, It’s nothing but “go here” and “do that” with him.

YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER OLD MAN! …. or are you? Hmmmmmm…

I’m also vaguely aware that my partner just asked if I wanted to take a break, but I told him to shush because I’m busy right now and don’t have time for ‘breaks’ PFFT.

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-I am Link and I know EVERYTHING-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

My partner is being totally ridiculous and needy right now. Almost as ridiculous as the mysterious old man was being, but worse. APPARENTLY I’ve been playing for ‘hours’ already… little does he know, I’ve passed DAYS in game! DAYS! and let me tell you, I thought climbing UP the tower took long, but climbing down it was no joke either. I’m making real progress though, I know who the old man is now and I know what I need to do and where the princess is.




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-I didn’t sleep, I just recharged-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

I’m not a true hero, I couldn’t do it…

I couldn’t fight the fight any longer, but I’m back now and I’m ready for BATTLE! My partner just threw a pillow at me, APPARENTLY, this is still ‘sleep time’ or something like that, but he’s wrong, it’s ZELDA TIME!

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-It’s a solo pajama party!-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

Okay, I’m beyond ready for this day, today is definitely not a change out of pajamas or move around much kind of day. But that suits me just fine because Zelda is fulfilling all the sense of achievement I need from life. I have made my way to the ‘next area’ and I’ve literally just stood looking at horses for the last 20 minutes of my life.

I don’t even particularly like horses. Until now. My partner is being grumpy because apparently being woken up to see my beautiful blue horse isn’t classified as ‘an emergency’. I think he’s ridiculous. COME ON! The horse is BLUE!

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-what is this ‘real life’ of which you speak?-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

These last two hours have been hard for me. My partner made me coffee and breakfast but refused to bring it up to me, which was fine because THE SWITCH MOVES.

His face when I came down still playing Zelda? Priceless!

I couldn’t appreciate it for long though because I’ve just found a little settlement with other people and they have chickens! I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve never been this excited for chickens in my life.

My partner just asked when he can have a go on the Switch. Apparently never wasn’t the answer he was looking for.

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-Achievement unlocked, I have out-gamed the game-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

So after many hours in the real world, and many days in the world of Zelda, the Switch needs charging. I’m beyond impressed considering I pretty much started playing straight out of the box and I haven’t exactly been playing casually. Now I guess it’s time to let it charge and time for me to shower and become human again. My hands feel funny now that they aren’t holding the Joy-Cons, is this what my hands used to feel like?

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-You can take the girl from the switch but never the switch from the girl-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

My partner needs new tyres for his car, and we never get around to going. Today we have time. So off we go to have new tyres put on. Only when I arrived did I realize my mistake.

I. didn’t. bring. the. Switch.

Panic ensued.

I’ve spent the last 30 minutes looking at a tree outside wondering what kind of fruit I could get from it if I was still playing Zelda. But it’s fine, I’ve decided to use this time to mentally come up with some cooking recipes that I want to try the moment I’m back home, and by back home I mean back playing Zelda.

Also, it’s really bright outside. Turn it down please.


Image 11


-Time doesn’t pass here-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,


I’m suffering from severe Zelda withdrawals and I don’t know what to do with myself any more. With every minute that passes I’m aware of just how much further I could be in the game right now. Time is standing still. I’m sure of it. I’m going on the search for food, maybe eating will take my mind off cooking in Zelda.

Image 13


-I have this deep hunger that can only be sated by Zelda-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

I made a mistake.  Maybe even a bigger mistake than forgetting the Switch with Zelda at home. I bought the most expensive and awful food of. my. life.

So now, not only am I still not playing Zelda but now I’m also still hungry and broke.

Bad things happen to you when you stop playing Zelda kids. Learn from my mistake. But there is good news! The car is done and I’m finally on my way home, back to my baby, Zelda.


Image 14


-Here we are again-

Dear Zelda Adventurer,

And here we are, 8pm, we have officially come full circle.

I have spent my first 24 hours playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. And what do I think? I think that it’s 24 hours well spent.

Zelda is one of those magic games that the more time you spend playing it, the more time you want to spend playing it. I did not go into this as a die hard Zelda fan, but I’m definitely leaving as one.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the kingdom of Hyrule still needs saving, and I’m the one to do it.

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