Nickelback, Stephen Hawking & a Baked Potato

Science proves why we all hate Nickelback, check out the best cosplay ever, see which celebs have auditioned to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice and more in Bytesized. Nom nom nom.

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Science finally knows why we all hate Nickelback 

We are all united in our collective hate of Nickelback, except for that short time when Remind Me came out.

Yes they’ve made millions, but someone actually did a study and came to this conclusion: they lack authenticity.

nickelback meme

[Source: Mental Floss]

This is pretty much all of us this weekend 


Now this is my kind of cosplay 

baked potato cosplay
Baked potato cosplay

Celebs audition to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice

Watch this spoof video for Comic Relief where celebs like Anna Kendrick, Bill Gate, Rebel Wilson and Liam Neeson audition.

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If inspirational quotes were comics

Zen Pencils takes famous quotes and turns them into comics and it is amazing. Here’s one by Amy Poehler.

zenpencil amy poelher

[Tweet “Great people do things before they’re ready – Amy Poehler”]

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