Celebs First Tweets

Twitter is almost 11 years old and everyone had to start somewhere. Here are the first tweets of some of the most popular celebs. And remember we’ve come a long way.

Find your first tweet here, and remember to tag @TechGirlZA so we can also see how far you’ve come.

find first tweet

Below is the first tweet ever by Twitter head honcho Jack Dorsey.

first tweet ever

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first tweet anna kendrick
The Pitch Perfect star keeping it real.


first tweet ellen
Twit? How about twat…

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first tweet justin bieber
Hey guys, remember when MySpace was a thing? Me neither.
first tweet kanye
Of course.
first tweet katy perry
This was before celeb product endorsement was a thing.
first tweet kim k
Kim K and real in the same sentence…


first tweet obama
first tweet donald trump
Let’s go back to a time where Donald Trump didn’t actually write his own tweets.
first tweet rihanna
She was referring to her album Rated R.
first tweet taylor
Taytay and her cats. This was probably Meredith.

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new old twitter logo
Now remember kids the Twitter bird Larry, changed ages ago. Brands are still using the old one.

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