The BBC, Gucci & how to trap a self driving car

That BBC interview recreated by kids, how to trap a self driving car, Samuel L Jackson answers the most popular Google searches about himself, a smart vibrator gets hacked (yes you read that right) and Gucci created some strange AF memes. All this in Bytesized.

Think long and hard before buying this

in bed

There’s a vibrator that connects to an app and the manufacturer was secretly recording “vibe habits” such as speed and intensity. The We-Vibe parent company has to pay $3.75m in a class action lawsuit. Over 300 000 people have bought We-Vibes.

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How to trap a self driving car

Draw a solid white circle and then a dotted white circle. That’s all folks.

how to trap a self driving car

Why does this work: The car will drive through the dotted line, but by the time it processes that solid lines aren’t to be messed with, it finds itself surrounded by solid white on all four sides.

When Gucci created these memes 

A post shared by Gucci (@gucci) on

A post shared by Gucci (@gucci) on

That BBC interview

So by now you’ve probably seen the interview where the kids walk in and the mom tries to wrangle them back while trying to stay out of the shot (If not, watch it below before checking out the parody). The best headline award goes to Mashable for this beauty:

mashable bbc interview headline

  • The original BBC interview 

  • The parody of the BBC interview 


Samuel L Jackson answers the most googled questions about himself


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