The proudly SA product you need to turn anything into LEGO

A South African product that raised over $1.3m on IndieGoGo when they only needed $8k? Why yes and it’s the best thing ever. Nimuno Loops allows you to turn anything into LEGO. Cut it, bend it and stick it. This one is for the kids and adults.

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While the early  bird offers are gone, you can purchase two single colour rolls starting at $13 (R165). The possibilities are endless. I can’t wait to stick this to my phone. A LEGO phone cover…while not very practical, gets a hell yes!

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Local origami jedi, White_OnRice, was asked to make a stop motion video showcasing Nimuno Loops and the results are amazing.  You should follow @White_OnRice if you want to be inspired and check out some mind boggling origami.

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