Know your hashtag: #100TipsToSurviveOnTwitter

The twittersphere was blazing with #100TipsToSurviveOnTwitter. And while some were funny AF, it also provided a learning opportunity (why yes, hashtags can be educational). Here are 8 Twitter tips from #100TipsToSurviveOnTwitter.

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1.Your avatar (AVI) is your first impression, so make sure it is a good one. 

No one likes an egg AVI. Hatch that baby by adding a legit profile picture. Also Twitter is rolling out the ability to mute by account type, and the egg AVI makes the list.

2.Nothing is sacred on Twitter and anything can become a meme.

I actually live in constant fear that an embarrassing picture will surface and become a meme. Sure you could own it, but that stays with you for life. It would make job interviews really awkward “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

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3.Grow your following by being humble. 

Be kind and follow back. If the person’s TL annoys you, just mute them. That way you still follow them but just don’t have to read their tweets. #MeanGirls

4.Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve or you could get burnt like this guy.

5.You can’t play with the big dogs if you’re going to piss like a puppy. 

If you want to dish it out, be sure you can take it. Also think before you tweet. Twitter backlash is no joke, just ask Penny Sparrow.

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6.Learning the rules of Twitter is a process. 

7.Don’t correct grammar and spelling, no one likes that person. 

But even better advice would be to check yo’self so that grammar Nazis don’t have to resist the urge to correct tweets.

8.Be careful what you post on Twitter because screenshots never lie. 

Delete tweet means nothing in a world of screenshots. Just ask Donald Trump…is it here by or hereby?

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