How to own a Porsche, milk a cow & more

Have you ever wanted to own a Porsche? Find out how you can own one for only R32 000*. Learn how to improve your cow milking skills, never miss a Google Doodle again and discover the future of AI right now. All this and more in Bytesized.

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Go back in time & check out all of the Google Doodles

Yes, even the ones that don’t make your region. My favourite is still last week’s komodo dragon doodle. The Google Doodle archive site is the ultimate boredom buster and educational time waster. 

google doodle archive

Always wanted a Porsche*? Here’s how to get one for R32k

*Porsche laptop. Porsche along with Intel have released the Porsche Design Book One and it can do a full 360 rotation on its hinges. But heads up ladies, this one is for men only.

porsche design book one

Test out the future of AI right now…with cats

The internet and cats go together like the internet and cats. Christopher Hesse has designed a tool that converts a drawing into the real thing. There is cat one, buildings, shoes and bags. The cat one is obviously the best.

edges2cats ai learning
My cat is better than yours


Struggling to understand the Trump/Russia connection?

Is Milk on Nintendo Switch the best game ever?

I haven’t even played it yet and I think it is. You get to milk a cow. It is competitive cow milking at its best. Need I say more?

Check out Sam’s very funny video where her family tests out Milk below.

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