Forever Chuck

Forever Chuck goes digital

It is no secret that I may have a love affair with Converse. I have more Chucks in my cupboard than any other item of clothing (even underwear) and am toying with the idea of doing a video of the entire collection at some point. Whenever I travel to a new country I buy myself a pair of Chucks and they’re a staple in my wardrobe.

Converse has now gone digital

Forever Chuck

Converse released a trio of videos online with award winning director Karim Huu Do. Karim has done a host of incredible pieces of content. He was raised in Switzerland and has a Moroccan mother and Vietnamese father so his work tends to incorporate a mix of cultures and has an international appeal. He worked with my favourite sneaker brand to produce the Forever Chuck series.

Three videos were created to celebrate the iconic ageless nature of Chucks and how they’ve found a foot hold (see what I did there?) in film, television, culture and style. Originally I thought at least one of the videos would speak to me but, after watching all three, each resonated in different ways.

So why am I sharing this?

Forever Chuck

It isn’t really geek or gaming right so you might think it doesn’t make sense to appear here. I disagree. I think there is something fascinating about how Converse and the iconic Chucks have been able to transcend time and cultures. I’m also rather obsessed with YouTube at the moment and find myself consuming content on this platform more so than any other. So have a series of short films to watch about a brand I love but also speaking to various parts of my personality really appealed to me. The stories are also going to be reworked to be shared on Snapchat (my other favourite social space). Clever Converse.

Film and Television

In this first Forever Chuck piece we’re guided by Millie Bobby Brown, that kid from Stranger Things. She walks us through Chucks role and imprint on film and television through the ages. This appealed to me because of the geekiness. As the video streaks through various iconic films I was reminded of how many of my favourite characters have, at some point, had a pair of Chucks on. They’re symbolic of the free thinkers, the social rejects turned world changers and the fun ones. I mean, Back to the Future anyone? I think they connect a group of people I identify with.

LA Culture

If you’ve watched some of my YouTube videos you’ll know that I have an obsession with street art around the world. My personal instagram profile shares not only my love for Converse but a love for street art and the cultures it embodies. This second video in the series taps into the LA Culture with Vince Staples. However, I think there is so much more to this than just Los Angeles. Huu Do effortlessly communicates the culture the Chuck has forged in its own right. A culture that crosses geographical boundaries and really speaks to far more than what our country or place of birth dictates. This one feeds into my love for the streets and for the grittiness of human nature while also giving me a glimpse into the beauty of LA and its people.

Fashion and Style

Growing up I was extremely overweight. This isn’t a new story but rather one I’ve shared often. The thing that always stuck with me though is that my Converse always fit. It was the one constant in my life. If I went to a store it was the one item of clothing that, if I told the assistant my size, it fitted. My Chucks were never too tight or too small. They were always just right. As someone who has spent more time in tears in a dressing room than anywhere else – I think this is where my love of the brand was nurtured. In this final piece of content we see how Chucks can transition from the street, to vintage shops to the runway effortlessly. Hosted by model Winnie Harlow, the film also touches on how the style of the sneaker has, for the most part, never changed as the years have past but yet remains easily adaptable no matter the fashion of the moment. Its why I keep convincing people that my Chucks are in fact an investment as opposed to a splurge.

I really loved this series and, much like my many pairs of custom Converse, the art that they are. Forever relevant and forever inspired. Forever Chuck.

I know, I wrote that last bit myself, I should be their copy writer. Before you ask, because I know you will, those DC Sneakers in the header image are now in South Africa. Make sure you follow TechGirlZA on Instagram because very soon I’m going to be sharing how you can get your very own pair and also giving you more details about the amazing photographer & designer I’ve been working with to bring this all to life!


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