A podcast, a fun fact & the new Nokia 3310

Funny tweets because we all need a laugh, a must listen podcast that is probably the next Serial, create your own Star Wars intro, get a look at the new Nokia 3310 and more in Bytesized.

Funny tweets because we all need a laugh 

CAN YOU get through this post without laughing at any of the animal memes? 

The ONE podcast you need to listen to if you’re missing Serial

Episode 3 is finally out! A few years ago fitness guru Richard Simmons removed himself from the public eye and no one has heard from him since. This is a look into why. Listen to the podcast here. 

missing richard simmons podcast

Create your own STAR WARS intro video

I decided to do a little news update using the video creator. So if you prefer your tech news in video format, click here or on the image below. 

make your own starwars intro

The only thing that sucks is that it will take 193 days to download the video or sooner if you pay for it.

A fun fact you need to know

I was lucky enough to go to the Design Indaba simulcast in Joburg this week and learn this fun fact. I was listening to a talk on how music can be used as medicine. Watch this space, review to follow.

The new Nokia 3310 


17 years (yes that long!) after the original, the new Nokia 3310 has been revealed. With a month long battery life (WTF), Snake and a price tag of about R700 ($53) we can see the appeal.

But remember that we’ve come a long way baby. While going back to basics might seem like a good idea, do you remember what life was like before smartphone shortcuts?

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