3Doodler Pen

The all sorts of awesome 3Doodler Pen

I have always been someone who gets excited at the smallest of things. When I got to try the 3Doodler Create out, I realised that this was not in fact a small deal. What started out as a bit of fun and messing around, turned into a full weekend of 3D doodling!

How it works:

3Doodler Pen

The 3Doodler is widely known as the first consumer ready 3D pen. It has a 0.7 soldering nib where it pushes the melted plastic out. You can draw on any surface, in basically any direction! The plastic hardens almost instantaneously. It is very light and has two speed and heat settings. All allowing for versatility and endless amounts of creativity!

3Doodler Pen

I started off with the Eifel Tower stencil provided as a practice round – this explains the unmatching colours and the ‘wonkiness’. I got so invested, that I did not actually get around to making it again in any decent colours.

3Doodler Pen

I will admit, due to being a overachiever, I cheated quite a bit and turned to trusty Pinterest for ideas on how to impress with this pen. It did not disappoint! From model creations, to customised jewellery, candle holders, phone covers, the possibilities are endless. It is rather challenging to get the hang of it at first. I prefer to say that you have to ‘earn’ it – through practice, endurance, and a few melted false nails. (The heat of that nib is not for sissies)

Cool stuff:

3Doodler Pen

The 3Doodler Create set includes two sets of coloured plastic and four stencils in the instruction booklet and packaging which is more than enough to get a few projects done.

The range of colours you are able to additionally purchase is insane! (75+), in addition to extra rad accessories.

Their website also offers a community page database of all sorts of creations and stencils.


3Doodler Pen

It is a corded device which unfortunately does not allow for any doodling out of reach of a plug. You are however able to buy a battery pack as an extra add on, so problem solved!

Ventilation is key. The plastic fumes get a bit intense. This also may be due to the fact that my glasses prescription is outdated and I had been doodling with my face about 10 cm away from my creations – whoops.

All in all, it was a fun experience and I’ll definitely be playing with it again! For anyone with any pent up creative juices, this is most definitely a must. For anyone without, stencils are advisable and luckily accessible!

3Doodler Pen

Happy Doodling!

More about our guest writer: Lauren Carr is smart, beautiful and one of the biggest geeks I know.

Disclosure: I was sent a 3Doodler Pen for Christmas. It costs R1790 from Dion Wired

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