Action heroes, angry robots & a letter to Uber

An update on that open letter to Uber, Instagram gets a new update, learn how to make your own LEGO stop animation from movies from the LEGO Batman director, Google’s new AI has anger management problems and more in Bytesized.

Add up to 10 photos in a single post on Instagram

So instead of one selfie we will now be plagued with up to 10. However, I really liked the idea of using it for quotes.

Learn how to make your own LEGO stop motion movie from the director of the LEGO Batman Movie 

Wired spoke to Chris McKay, the director of the LEGO Batman Movie, and got some awesome tips on how to create your very own stop motion movie. Both the LEGO movies weren’t made this way, it would have been way too expensive.


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An update on Uber and sexual harassment 

After this letter depicting sexist working conditions at Uber went viral, people have started deleting the app. When you try to delete your account, you get the message below.

Action figures come to life 

Japanese photographer Hot.Kenobi brings action figures to life with his awesome pictures. For more action pictures, click here. 

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Google’s new AI has anger issues

AI has come a long way and is developing at a creepy rate. When Google tested DeepMind, they found that if it was about to lose, it would resort to “highly aggressive” tactics. 


A WTF fun fact to impress your guests

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