ghd flight travel hairdryer

Could this be the best travel gadget?

I really wish I’d known about this beauty before all my travels last year. The ghd flight travel hairdryer is honestly everything I could ever want in a gadget. Here is a little secret: at the beginning of January I put hair extensions in my hair. I know right? What was I thinking? Well, for starters it would save on the cost of hair dye monthly and, they’re glue in ones so I can just get them re-fitted every month. Massive savings, I swear. However, do you have any idea what a bitch it is to have extensions? I have rather thin hair, even though I have lots of it, and it dries super fast. Not the extensions though. Now I have thick and glorious locks that take FOREVER to dry.

That’s why the ghd flight travel hairdryer is a must have

ghd flight travel hairdryer

Have you ever used a hotel hairdryer? Useless. I could blow on my hair and probably dry it quicker. I have the ghd aura professional hairdryer and it works like a bomb. But it is also big and clunky, so not at all ideal for travelling. This little baby folds right up into a cute little carry bag so you can slip it into your luggage without too much hassle and without it taking up too much space.

But the voltage Sam!

ghd flight travel hairdryer

It comes with a two pin plug attachment so you might need to invest in a travel plug adapter. But, something a lot of folks who don’t travel overseas regularly don’t know is that different countries have different voltages. You could very easily fry your electronics if you aren’t careful. This little baby has a dual voltage switch so you can alternate between 120V or 240V depending on what you require at your destination. It also has these gorgeous copper type finishes which I love.

Hello, hand luggage!

ghd flight travel hairdryer

You’ll actually be able to take the ghd flight travel hairdryer in your hand luggage. How is that for rad? It also has two temperature settings and two speed settings to control air flow. The marketing material says it is 60% lighter than my current hair dryer and I can definitely feel the difference. ghd didn’t scrimp on power though, it has 85% of the aura. Not bad right?

ghd flight travel hairdryer
I recently got my British Passport so I figured it needed a photo shoot right?

You can buy the ghd flight travel hairdryer online for R1299. I think that you could actually use this as your every day dryer and as someone who has a ghd hairdryer I can confidently say it would be worth the splurge. As someone who travels a lot, I can confidently say it would DEFINITELY be worth it. There are also gift sets available which include the travel dryer with a ghd platinum black styler if you really want to spoil yourself. But the hairdryer on its own is a good purchase.

ghd flight travel hairdryer
I won the Tumi luggage a few years back. Best prize EVER! The hairdryer is in the bag. How cute?

Disclosure: I asked for the ghd flight travel hairdryer so I could take some photos with. It ain’t mine. I just think it is rad and wanted to tell you about it. I happen to be a fan of ghd and own a host of their products (purchased by me for me). 

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