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5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

I’ve been trying to up my photography game for awhile now. I am really lucky because I get the chance to review some super smartphones. However, snapping off my phone is still something I’ve been trying to improve on for some time. I’m still nowhere near where I need to be skill wise but I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way. Here are 5 tips for taking better photos with your smartphone that might help you.

Don’t zoom

5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

This is like rookie error numero uno and one I’m constantly guilty of. Don’t zoom! When you zoom the image pixelates considerably and that is actually because most phones don’t really zoom but rather just enlarge the image on your screen. It is better just to take the picture and then crop. Else, get closer!

Clean the lens

5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

Your phone is in your handbag, in and out of your hands and constantly being put and removed from your pocket. The Lens gets dirty. You’ll take a photo that appears to have a blur or a weird lighting effect when in actual fact it is just because your Lens isn’t clean. So clean it regularly – simple!

Visit the iStore Makers Blog

5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

iStore Makers is the new evolution of the original iPhoneography concept that started a good few years ago. Basically, if you own an Apple device you can take photos or create art and then enter it in to a monthly competition to win iStore vouchers. However if, like me, you’re looking to up your photography game then the iStore Makers Blog is a great place to visit. They get some of the top entrants and smartphone photography experts to share tips and tricks with you.

Rule of Thirds

5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco for an Intel event. There I had the opportunity to meet an incredibly talented cameraman from Sky News Arabia. His eye for an incredible image was unbeatable and he was the first to teach me about the Rule of Thirds. Most smartphones give you the option to include visible grid lines on your screen. These grids break the image into nine equal parts. The concept is that if you ensure your main subjects are along the grid lines your image will look better.

Use Apps

5 Tips for taking better photos with your Smartphone

It isn’t cheating! There are so many fantastic photography apps you can use to improve your images. A few years back top African instagrammer Gareth Pon shared which ones he uses with one of the Tech Girl contributors. There are a few other options in this post as well (plus it will make you giggle so worth the read either way).

Do you have any Smartphone Photography tips to add? Drop them in the comments below so we can all learn! 



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