nintendo switch launch

How to get hands on with the Nintendo Switch BEFORE it launches

The Nintendo Switch launches in South Africa on 3 March. It is rather rad that we’re getting the gaming console locally the same time as the rest of the world! The one thing that bugs me with video games and consoles like the Nintendo Switch is that you might not be sure about what you’re getting before you buy. Especially seen as we’re getting it the same time as the rest of the world.

But now you can get hands on with the Nintendo Switch BEFORE launch

nintendo switch launch

Nintendo South Africa is going to be allowing a select few fans the chance to spend an hour and a half playing on the new gaming console this weekend. On Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th of February those in Gauteng will be able to book an exclusive slot to spend 1 and a half hours trying out the Nintendo Switch and the various games available.

How do you book your slot?

nintendo switch launch

Extreme fans stood the chance to win a slot to the mega fan times on Friday. I gave some tickets away to those slots last week as did a few other South African gaming media. However, if you weren’t one of the lucky winners don’t worry. All you need to do head on over here to book a ticket to a slot over the weekend. These pre-launch hands on sessions are being run around the world and this is the first time Nintendo is including South Africa in the pre-launch. How rad?

The sessions are going to be running from 9am to 6pm every day.

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You’ll need to pre-book (they’re FREE!) and then head to the iStore at 1 Sandton Drive for you allocated slot. If you aren’t lucky enough to book a slot you can head to the iStore and if someone doesn’t arrive for their allocated slot you’ll be allowed in. This is also a great opportunity for parents to entertain their kids for a morning or afternoon playing fun video games. If you are a die hard Nintendo fan then don’t forget to like the Nintendo South Africa page to keep up to date on all things Nintendo.

So who is going to spend some time this weekend testing out the Nintendo Switch?

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