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In-flight safety videos suck – except these three

I think after awhile flying becomes really boring. Unless you’re stretching out your legs while sipping Champers from a plastic cup in Business class, you’re not having a great time. After the first few international flights the excitement wears off and you’re simply praying for the in-flight entertainment to include some decent stuff you haven’t seen and hoping you don’t get stuck next to anyone with BO.

Talking about rad in-flight entertainment, my friend Tanya at Rattle and Mum has a great post on which airlines have the best in-flight entertainment for kids

I’ve been really lucky to travel a considerable bit lately. So I’ve had my fair share of plane rides notching up. I’ve also had my fair share of bad in-flight safety videos. I never watch them (I know, naughty Sam). The in-flight safety video normally comes on as the plane is taxiing to the runway. You can get a bit blasé about watching the videos because they are just so damn uninteresting (I’m a British Airways frequent flyer & I’ve been praying they update theirs pronto!). The thing is, you actually need to watch that video because you never know when something could go wrong and you’ll suddenly be wondering how the hell you get out of the metal missile hurtling towards earth at ridiculous speeds (scared flyers have now thrown up a bit in their mouths, sorry!).

On my way to London last year I flew Qatar Airways and they had the best safety video I’ve seen. It stars a stack of football players from FC Barcelona and had me glued to the screen (mainly because I was desperate to get a glimpse of Gerard Pique). Turns out a lot of airlines are getting smart with their in-flight safety videos to ensure you actually watch them.

These are my top 3 in-flight safety videos:

Qatar Airways

Obviously this one was going to feature because it was the inspiration for the article. I love it, especially the little bit at the end with the player everyone loves to hate: Luis Suárez.


While it pains me to add an Australian anything to this list (some South African cheek coming out there), this really is a goodie. It incorporates some really epic scenery from Australia’s top tourist destinations. It is beautifully shot and, I figure, if you’re on a Qantas flight you’re likely going to Australia so not only will this video educate you on safety procedures but it will also get you really excited about your trip!

Pegasus Airlines

I’ve never been to Turkey and their airline safety videos weren’t originally on this list at all. But then I somehow came across this safety video Pegasus Airlines did in 2016 and I couldn’t NOT include it. It is cheesy as hell but it has superheroes in it so OBVIOUSLY it has to make the list. The airline paired up with Disney Turkey and Marvel Comics to make this epic in-flight safety video that includes some of your favourite Marvel heroes and unfolds in a funky comic book visual. I suddenly want to go to Turkey just to watch this in an actual plane and see kids’ faces light up.

Have you watched any in-flight safety videos that you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below. 




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