5 reasons you should watch The LEGO Batman Movie

I was lucky enough to go to The LEGO Batman Movie premier and watch it in 3D. I’m a huge fan of The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie didn’t disappoint. After the recent trail of bad Batman movies, it is great to watch one that works.

Here are 5 reasons why you should watch The LEGO Batman Movie now.

1.Batman and The Joker in an “it’s complicated” relationship

The Joker is shocked to find out that he is in fact not Batman’s biggest nemesis.

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the lego batman movie the joker
Possibly one of the best scenes in the movie is when the villains are trying to console The Joker “You’re too good for Batman”.

2. The everything is awesomer music

From Batman’s metal rap introduction straight through to the grand finale, the music will make you laugh. Stay until the credits because that closing dance number is a highlight. Who’s The (Bat)Man written by Fall Out Boy front man Patrick Stump is funny AF.

You think my muscles are big, but you haven’t seen my brain. It’s OK if your stare because I’m a billionaire.


3. The cast, especially Will Arnett as Batman 

Will Arnett’s Batman is complicated, emotional, egotistical, vane and a lone wolf. Zack Galafiniakis plays The Joker brilliantly, Michael Cera of Superbad fame plays orphan Dick Grayson, Ralph Fiennes is Albert and Rosario Dawson is the hardcore police commissioner who studied at Harvard for Police and wants to work as a team.

Before Batman learns that friends are family, his attitude is Trump like. This may just be because of what’s going on, but his “I’m the greatest” attitude in the beginning of the film is a bit too close to reality.

the batman movie batman
Batman saves Gotham again. It was off the chain.

4. Batman accidentally becomes a father  

Bruce Wayne accidentally adopts a kid and is thrown into fatherhood. He is not the greatest dad and the seat belt scene in the Batmobile is one to look out for. The father-son dynamic is awkward and funny at the same time.

Another shot in the Batcave. #ShowingOff #HomeSweetHome #LEGOBatmanMovie

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5. Because it’s a freaking LEGO movie 

If you’ve watched The LEGO Movie then you’ll love this one. And even if you haven’t, you’ll still enjoy it. Your stomach muscles will ache from laughing so much. It is great fun, witty, has villain cameos galore and bad ass explosions. Go watch it. Do it.

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Here are some pics from non LEGO Batman at the LEGO Batman movie premier. 

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