Cartoon Network Anything an app for everyone

I remember when we first got DSTV (not just Mnet). I switched between MTV and Cartoon Network. I fell in love with Cow & Chicken and Johnny Bravo. No more only watching cartoons when KTV came on (15.00-17.00), you could watch cartoons all the time.

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cow and chicken gif

Every now and then I go back and wonder WTF kind of cartoons kids these days watch (kind of like my parents probably did when I watched Cow & Chicken), but I love Regular Show with Mordecai and Rigby and know that Ben 10 is so popular in Africa that the rebooted series was released here before America and Ben 10 refers to an older woman’s younger lover.

cartoon network regular show
Moredecai and Rigby looking as cool AF

Keeping up with the times, Cartoon Network has released the Cartoon Network Anything app where anything goes. Think mini games, puzzles and videos and hours of entertainment. I opened up the app wondering what to expect, and was still playing an hour later. It’s addictive but in a good way, kind of like Dumb Ways To Die.

 Cartoon Network Anything- screenshot
Games, videos, puzzles, quizzes and more!

What’s to love

  • Short games, puzzles, videos and quizzes
  • Games like spot the difference, erasing (reverse colouring in), fighting all set against a timer
  • Awesome characters – even if you don’t know who they are what’s not to love about a panda, polar and brown bear?

Who is this game for?

It really is fun for everyone – play with your gran, parents, siblings, young kids or teens. All ages will find it fun. The simplicity makes it appealing and the timed games will ensure that there is no fighting. Like Oprah, everyone will get one.

What’s not so awesome

  • Depending on your interweb connection, it could take a while to load

WATCH: Check out my first Twitch-like app video to see how truly terrible I am at games but how much I thoroughly enjoy playing them. You can also find out what to expect from the app.

Get Cartoon Network Anything now 

download on the app store

download from google play

While perusing the Cartoon Network website I came across Powerpuff Yourself (they had me at Powerpuff).

jade powerpuff yourself
I see myself as a sloth hugging, flip flop wearing unicorn collector. This is so going to be my new avatar EVERYWHERE! Also I’m at my goal weight in this picture.
cartoon network powerpuff yourself
Push the button, you know you want to

[Tweet “I’ve just discovered the Cartoon Network Anything app, so it’s goodbye to productivity”]

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