Star Wars, Saviours & Homework

Dear diary, Trump is still president and you’ll never guess which movie got an Oscar nomination. With all the Trumpiness in the world, it’s great to have a saviour in meme form. Here’s important interweb news you need to know this week.

Move over #SaltBae there’s a new meme in town

Positive Possum is here to get you through the darkest of days.

new meme in town

[via Mashable]

If you’re OCD look away because this will annoy you

Askew is a notebook like no other. The lines are hand drawn and not the same at all. It is meant to inspire you to break the rules. I’m a huge fan of notebooks and this is one I could definitely get behind.

a notebook like no other

And the Oscar nomination goes to…

Watch Star Wars Rogue One in 8 bit cinema

[via ShortList]

And if you are looking for more Star Wars fun, check out Sam’s cosplay

And before you head off for the weekend, here’s your homework

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