3 need to know facts about Trump’s inauguration party

Today is the day that I thought would never happen. Donald Trump is becoming the president of the USA. And as is tradition, each new prez needs to have a shindig. Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s inauguration party.

1.Donald Trump wrote his own inauguration speech

2.The guests include…

Trump invited some more people to his party, and Twitter responded with some awesome excuses 

funny-donald-trump-inauguration-excuses-kunya funny-donald-trump-inauguration-excuses-soul

View more Donald Trump inauguration excuses here. 

3.The inauguration party performers are…

The main act is 3 Doors Down. The 00’s called, they want their rock band back.

As for the rest of the guests, thank goodness for Google

I call this a missed opportunity #ThanksObama 


thanks obama

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