Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

A selfie light up phone cover that won’t break the bank

The Lumee covers came out a few months back. I still wrote a little post after seeing my friend Stevie French’s case. There was a big hullabaloo over people selling copies and and and. Long story short they’ve now become available in South African stores but, they cost an arm and a leg. Well, if your arm and leg costs more than R1000.

I, for one, cannot justify spending R1000 on a cellphone cover.

Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

Don’t get me wrong – I considered it. But then realised it just was a silly spend. However, I’ve found a far more cost effective cover that does the exact same thing! Enter the Casu iPhone 7 Selfie light up phone cover. The first thing you need to know is that it only costs R420.99, so while still pricey it is on a par with other fancy covers I’ve seen but less than half the price of the Lumee.

Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

The Casu selfie light up phone cover is available from Mobile Fun in their iPhone 7 accessories section. When it arrived I realised that it was extremely big. In fact, my major criticism is the size. I own an iPhone 6s and prefer the smaller display over the 6s Plus. However, when you put this case on you’re getting a giant phone again. It also makes your phone really thick so you’re going to feel the size difference when you slide it in to your favourite clutch.

Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

Saying that thought, the case works brilliantly. It has its own charging port so it doesn’t drain your phone battery. There is a button on the back that you press to switch it on. If you hold the button down the intensity of the selfie light increases to max before decreasing so you can adjust the light to best suit your needs. You can also double tap the button and you get a pulsing light. I’m still not sure why you’d need a pulsing light for selfies but it is a fun feature to show off at dinner.

Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

The battery lasts for like, ever. I received my cover two months ago and tend to use it on the occasional night out. It is still going strong. Also, if you’re wondering, while the cover is actually for an iPhone 7 it works perfectly with the iPhone 6s because the camera cut out is bigger. So you don’t have to worry if you have an older model.

Casu iPhone 7 Selfie LED Light Case

The cases are available in black, white and rose gold.

If you’ve perfected your pout for Instagram or just want to take better photos of your lunch – you’ll love this baby.

 Disclosure: I was sent the Casu selfie light up phone cover to review and keep. 

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