5 random things to do on the internet

It is that time of year. No, not when we get all festive and excited for our holiday. It is the time before that. The time where you are so tired and cranky, continuously snap at your co workers, stuff your face with chocolate and dream of being able to sleep in. In light of this, here are random things to do on the internet.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: get photos printed on magnets, polaroids, canvas (stalk a friend/lover/family member’s instagram account)

1.Go egosurfing

To egosurf is to Google one’s own name and see what comes up. Just do it. You are bound to find something interesting. Try image search, that’s where the real fun starts.

Random things to do on the internet

2.Pop virtual bubble wrap

This site claims to be the original virtual bubble wrap popping site (and yes there are more than you think). While obviously not as satisfying as the real thing, it does make a popping sound.

pop-virtual-bubble-wrap Random things to do on the internet

3.Learn to swear in other languages

4. Add a squirrel to any picture

Because you can. Click here to get started

add-a-squirrel-to-any-picture Random things to do on the internet

5.Make everything ok

Sometimes you just need to make everything ok. Click here to do just that. 

make-everything-ok Random things to do on the internet

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