dishonored 2 female character

Could Emily Kaldwin be the female gaming character for 2016?

There is something rather awesome about kick ass female characters in video games. If you take a few minutes to think back to your favourite games, even if you’re not a serious gamer, you’ll realise that the majority of the main characters were male. Usually white males or something similar. Even if they weren’t human they had very masculine type traits. Lately though we’ve seen a shift towards stronger female characters who lead the game and aren’t just eye candy or needing saving.

There are a host of female gaming characters that assisted in the industry starting to make a move but we’re going to see my pick for 2016 this week. Dishonored 2 is being released and Emily Kaldwin is pretty kick ass.

dishonored 2 female character

If you’re a gaming fan you’ll remember Emily from the first Dishonored. She was a young fun ten year old and the daughter of the main character of the first game (Corvo Attano) and the Empress of Dunwall. Her mom was killed, her dad arrested and she was held hostage. Skip forward 15 years and Dishonored 2 sees Emily as Empress but also warrior and incredible assassin. I’ve always believed women would make better assassins then men. We’ve just got a sly street smarts ingrained us that is missing in our male counterparts.

dishonored 2 female character

My favourite part about this character though is the depth that has been added to her. There are multiple layers to who she is and what she can do. Her strong back story also gives her so much more meat which I think sometimes lacks from other female heroes. I’m not the only one who feels this way – I read this interview with Erica Luttrell, who is the actress behind the character in the game. She highlights the multi-layers and how challenging but rewarding it is to be able to bring a character like Emily to life.

dishonored 2 female character

As I’ve got more in to gaming I’ve realised I prefer the fun of a first person shooter or a quick play in something like LEGO Dimensions. Stealth action adventures take up too much time and require too much buy in from me BUT I’m still amped to play Dishonored 2 and try my hand at taking Emily Kaldwin through her paces. I’m also really impressed with the artwork coming out of the game. The plays look incredibly well thought out and I love the diversity of characters I’m seeing in the trailers.

dishonored 2 female character

This game is going to be a goodie and I’m hoping Emily will be the heroine gaming needs for 2016. Still not convinced? Check out this rad character trailer for her, which highlights some of her awesome powers. I’m sold!

Credit: My header image was taken from Deviant Art. You can see some incredible Emily Kaldwin fan art by clicking here

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