Getting Pet Insurance online – my experience

A few weeks ago I had a pretty awful experience with insurance following my car being tampered with and my bag being tampered with. I had an overseas work trip I was going on and desperately needed to replace the items stolen before heading out only I didn’t have the cash in the bank to do so and insurance was taking forever to pay out.

I remember how my first job made me join their company medical aid where I spent so much time filling in forms trying to claim back doctor appointments and sitting on the phone to their call centre that I thanked my lucky stars when I left and could find another option.

Lots of negativity to start this post out but there is just reason.


Towards the end of last year my little Digit got really really sick. If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you’ll remember him as a puppy posing in our Razer giveaway. He’s my guy but one day he really wasn’t doing well. He became really lethargic and out of breath all the time. We carted him all over the city for tests and to different specialists. Long story short, after months of vet bills, biopsies and tests we found out Digit had a common virus that, if gone untreated, had devastating effects. Luckily we identified it, treated it and now he is back to his happy naughty self.

The costs, though, were in the twenty thousands.

Not really an amount you have lying around. After that little incident I started shopping around for Pet Insurance. However, the idea of sitting on a phone for ten minutes with a sales consultant gave me shudders.

Then I heard about OnePlan Pet Insurance.


OnePlan Pet Insurance is an insurance offering from OnePlan. It is especially designed to cover your pet’s medical needs. So think vet bills, kennel costs if they have to stay overnight at the doc, need blood tests, x-rays and the like. They also help with the cost of euthanasia if it is required. Never nice to think about but still something every pet owner has to think about.

I liked that it was pretty inclusive and started at around R115 per month which isn’t too bad at all. You’re also able to do most of the application online rather than dealing with annoying call centre sales people and agents. I applied online and was rung back once my application was processed. The process took a few minutes max.

Tech Savvy

One you’re a OnePlan Pet Insurance client you’re able to do most of your insurance management online via the self service platform. I like that we’re finally seeing tech take centre stage and letting us manage our own stuff, in our own space and in our own time.

But the One Card from OnePlan Pet Insurance is the best part


Here’s why I like this particular pet insurance (and why I agreed to write a blog post about them). OnePlan has something called a One Card. Whether you’re on their human health insurance or talking out pet medical aid – you get the card. You’re able to claim the amount available on the card immediately through a telephone claim system before you go to the vet.

So, in short, they pay before you claim.

That is pretty rad and takes a huge weight off my shoulders should little Dig get ill again. No more waiting to get your hard earned cash back from the people you pay it over to. Nice!

Disclosure: I was gifted with 6 months pet insurance for Digit. It wasn’t in exchange for writing this post, but I chose to write it anyway.

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