How to find keywords for SEO for free

You’ve heard that search engine optimization (SEO) is important and that keyword research is the first step to writing a great article that can rank on Google. Here we show you how to find keywords for SEO for free.

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Keyword tools

While Google Keyword Planner (GKP) used to be the go to keyword planner tool, things have changed. Google decided to show less data to those who don’t spend or don’t spend a lot and more data to those that do. Here are 2 keyword tools that I use every day.

Ubersuggest  is a tool that gives you loads of phrases arranged in alphabetical order around your main keyword.

The word cloud tool is very handy to compare search volume and all data can be exported into Excel so you can analyse it further.


Keyword.io has a free and paid for version. What makes this tool useful is that you can also see what questions people are asking around a certain topic. This is really important as a large percentage of searches start with how to or why.



Now I’m not ofey with forums but I am starting to realise their importance. Not only in terms of content but also in terms of how they structure content. Forums have different threads and these threads can give you valuable insight into keywords you may have been missing.

Google your keyword + forum

From the forum threads, you can see that pre orders and different service providers are popular when it comes to the iPhone 7

Just Google it 

If you’re starting out with SEO or have run out of ideas, just Google your keyword. Why? Because Google knows everything. Scroll to the bottom for popular suggestions.


Get Yoast

Yoast is a WordPress plugin that is basically an idiot’s guide to SEO. Once you have written your article Yoast will not only tell you where your post needs to be improved but will also offer suggestions. You’ll pick up basic SEO practices very quickly and will crave the green light.

Download Yoast here


Although, a word on the green light – remember that if you use summer fashion 2016 in all of the right places you’ll still get a green light but your chances of getting to page 1 of Google will be very low!

Never forget the golden rule: use your brain. Google is constantly changing its algorithm to make the web easier for people. If you think of your user first and write content for them, then SEO becomes much easier.


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