Bytesized | 21 October 2016

Tamagotchis get a makeover, get the best of both worlds with a digital instant camera, is Facebook changing its privacy settings (again), Stephen Colbert helps Obama prepare for unemployment and I discover 3D gifs (which were apparently a thing in 2014).

TBT: Bytesized this time last year – the Tag Heuer Apple watch + a really cool Honda paper ad

A digital camera that also prints pics

The Polaroid Snap Touch is the best of both worlds. The camera starts at about R2500 and the photo cartridge is just under R300. I can’t wait until this technology comes built in with our phones.

[check out more info here]

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Tamagotchis for the youth of today

Remember Tamagotchis? That was almost 20 years ago! Well now the youth of today get to experience Tamagochis with Hatchimals. They actually hatch after you care for them for a while and retail for about R800 to R1600.

In order to hatch the egg you have to care for it via touch and your voice.


Hatchimals Owlicorn Pink/Blue Egg - One of Two Magical Creatures Inside
Hatchimals come in all different shapes and sizes

If you have 8 minutes, then watch the hatching here. Although it might seem long, there were hatching videos that were over 22 minutes.

Facebook is changing its privacy settings again

No it is not. Don’t be that person. The best example of what I would actually share is the post below.

Stephen Colbert helps Obama find a new job

As we wait to see who the next prez of the US of A will be, it is easy to forget that Obama will soon be unemployed. Luckily a guy like Stephen Colbert is here to help. Hilarity ensues.

Apparently 3D gifs are a thing, and I only realised this a few days ago 

Image result for 3d gifs funny

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