8 cool AF things you can do with Allo (Google’s new msg app)

While Google dominates the search engine world (80%) and videos (YouTube), it has yet to come up with its own social media platform that can rival the likes of Facebook or a messaging app, like Whatsapp. Google Allo is their answer. But what differentiates Allo from other messaging apps is the Google assistant and sloth and llama stickerpacks. Here are 8 cool AF things you can do with Allo.

Download Google Allo for Android here. 

1.GET THE WEATHER: get the weather delivered to Allo everyday at a certain time. Want to know what the weekend weather has in store? Google Assistant has got you covered. It even tells you if you need to pack sunscreen.

Allo weekend weather
Everybody is working for the weekend

2.CHECK YOUR CALENDAR: Get your agenda, flight details, reminders and more.

Allo calendar
Clearly I lead a very busy life 🙂

3.GET & CHECK YOUR EMAIL: see your emails from a particular day or sort by name.

Allo emails
A great way to see who you should respond to and who you should continue to ignore

4.你會說英文嗎: no more getting lost in translation and best of all you can take pictures of signs and Allo will be able to translate it!

allo translation
Now everyone can understand you

5.SEARCH MADE EASY: search via text, images or voice.

allo search
I always thought the answer would be 42

6.CURE BOREDOM: get funny videos, pics and jokes or play games.

allo bored
Bored AF?

7.MAKE FRIENDS: lonely? Have a conversation with Google Assistant.

allo chat
You had me at baby hedgehogs

8.STICKERS: sloth and llama stickers.

allo sloth stickers

allo llama stickers

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