Apps for taking better video on your phone

Video is huge. While our data prices might not be the best (see #DataMustFall), we still watch a lot of video. And making great videos is an art. It’s not so easy to just hit record on your phone, upload your video and wait for YouTube success.

Here are 3 apps for taking better video on your phone.

Old school is cool: Vintage Retro Camera

#YayCam get it for Android here (sorry iPhone users) 

When in doubt go old school. If you look terrible in a photo, add a filter or make it black and white. This video app relies on the same principle. #YayCam has some great filters like a black and white 1950s filter, Vintage and my personal favourite, VHS.

Not sure what VHS is? Thanks for making me feel old. It is a video and not a video like you know today. It’s a video tape in the sense that you go to the video store, be kind and rewind and hating life if the video was damaged.

 Vintage Retro Camera + VHS- screenshot

The only thing that kind of sucks, is that you have to film the video using the app. You can’t use a video on your phone and then apply the filters.

Steven Spielberg watch out! Here is my version of a VHS video starring Harper Bunny. 

Speed things up: Time Lapse Video Recorder 

Get Time Lapse Video Recorder on Android here 

Going behind the scenes, want to show your friends what you did over the weekend in 15 seconds or less? Then Time Lapse Video Recorder is the app for you.

 Time Lapse Video Recorder- screenshot

It works best if you keep the camera in one place, or only move it small distances. Here’s a cooking video I did using the app. My camera work needs practice. I also used We Video to edit the video.

Just edit: We Video

Get We Video for Android here

While the first two apps focus on recording video, We Video is an editing app that allows you to edit/fix existing videos. You can do voice overs, there are awesome filters and transitions and the video is really easy to share once done.

Bonus: Flipagram 

Get Flipagram for your Android here

Here’s a Flipagram I used for a review. Add in video, photos, text and samples of the latest songs.

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