Bytesized | The sort of T-Rex edition (23/09/2016)

The T-Rex is very cool and even more so if you see them in a different light. Watch as a depressed T-Rex finds happiness, find out what they can’t do and see the first known T-Rex selfie. The cast of Stranger Things check out retro toys and a neuroscience PhD student draws awesome tiny things.

This depressed T-Rex finds happiness in this awesome Audi ad

Seriously. Watch it until the end. That look on the T-Rex’s face is priceless.

Check out Things a T-Rex Cannot Do

This amazing Tumblr account shows you things that a T-Rex can’t do. They are hilarious.

tastefullyoffensive: “[doghousediaries] ”

Watch a human ice skate while wearing a T-Rex costume 

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Image result

And now for the not T-Rex related part…

Drawings around objects #100DaysOfTinyThings

A neuroscience PhD student finds every day objects and makes them comes to life. Follow Desirée De León on instagram @dcossyle.  C


The cast of Stranger Things react to 80’s & 90’s toys

I still like popping candy and like trying to make fetch happen, I think I could bring back snap bands.

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