Bytesized | 16 September 2016 – iPhone 7 airpods + Samsung Note 7

Apple introduces Airpods (wireless earphones) and the Samsung Note 7 literally explodes onto the scene (only while charging though). Here are the best memes, cartoons and tweets that sum up how the internet reacted.

Apple did what?!?

Go back in time Bytesized this time last year: meet @Woolworst & a passive aggressive password generator

The Airpods cost R3020, but the internet came up with some budget tips

Image result for i made my own airpods

You can’t fly with us

The difference between iPhone 7 and Samsung Note 7 users 

Safety first


Here’s how to charge your Note 7 safely 

Image result for note 7 funny

Final thought: if anyone can make this look cool, it is Apple 


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