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I’ve just moved house. I said goodbye to my tiny flat (remember when I decorated it using only online resources?) and moved in to a gorgeous apartment. It has white wooden washed floors and a beautiful kitchen. I have far more space and I also have a roommate now!

Both of us are somewhat obsessed with being online whether it be gaming, watching YouTube or just surfing the web. I currently have LTE but we’re on the hunt to upgrade to fibre. I don’t even know where to start. Well, I do. Ideally you need to find out if your area supports fibre and then who supplies it. What happens if you have more than one supplier? How do you know who to go with?


This conundrum doesn’t only end with fibre. I’ve been burnt with insurance and watched my friends bleed money for credit card repayments. Ideally we need a central place where we can compare all the things and also tell one another when to watch out – because Twitter rants are hard to find when you need them.

Enter LikeMoney.co.za


LikeMoney.co.za is a South African website that immediately compares financial products – so think credit cards, insurance, bank accounts, investments, broadband deals, car rentals, flights and the like. I know this isn’t new – there are a stack of comparison sites all over the internet. Hell, there are even sites designed solely so you can complain about brands.

But LikeMoney.co.za is a little bit different.


It does a standard comparison of services, breaking down offerings in sections that include features, price and the like. You can alter your comparison criteria accordingly. But there is a social element as well. You’re able to “like” a brand’s offering via your Facebook account. I’m not usually a fan of linking my Facebook account to third parties but I thought this was really clever. If you “like” an offering on LikeMoney and your friends visit the website to do a similar comparison, your endorsement is shown to them.


I work in influencer marketing for a living, so it is no secret that I’m the biggest believer that a friend’s recommendation is far superior to any other. LikeMoney.co.za is using that very concept to allow you to find the best offerings, like Fibre for your new house, and still feel safe in knowing that your friends have given it a thumbs up.


Once you’ve found a deal you’re able to apply for it (such as a personal loan) or learn more (if, for example, you want to buy a new cellphone). I like that it has a variety of products to compare on one site.

So, once my roommate and I are finished hunting down fibre, what should we compare next?

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