Dues Ex Augmentation

My Deus Ex Augmentation Wishlist

If you have played a Deus Ex game, anyone of them really, you would know that Augmentations play a massive role in the series. These “Augs”, are mechanical, and Nano superpowers, that give people the ability to do really cool things. As we are moving into future science developments, I cannot help but wonder what it would be like to live with these awesome abilities. Thanks to the latest Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the game has put me on a mission to imagine what it would be like to live with these awesome abilities.

Here are some that you can find in the latest game, and how they would make my life easier:

Social Enhancer

Dues Ex Augmentation

Who hates it when people lie to them and are completely fake? I am sure you do! The Social Enhancer Aug, will let you analyse a person’s facial expressions, and speech recognition, to give us a better insight to who they are and what they are on about. The Social Enhancer will come in handy when I have to attend events and functions, and have to stand with people who pretend to be nice while talking to me, meanwhile they are talking whack behind my back. I would abuse this Social Enhancer on a daily basis, to learn people’s personalities and traits, hopefully to make the world a better place.

Hacking: Capture

Dues Ex Augmentation

We live a world that is filled with passwords and usernames, and it is hard to keep up with it all. Well, in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you might learn a password to a PC, but hacking it is so much more fun anyway. Imagine being able to hack into a TV or cellphone to get services and performance that was impossible before? Free Netflix or Showmax? Perhaps you just want to get into your daughter’s phone to see what she has been up to – I am not judging you at all.

Hulk Arms

Dues Ex Augmentation

Although the Augmentation is not called “Hulk Arms”, it does however make you feel like the Hulk. You can pick up fridges and toss them like a shoebox, and even smash through walls with a punch, to reveal secret locations. Now imagine you need some renovations done? Do you have any idea how much these contractors cost? With Hulk Arms, you can break down all the walls, and just do everything yourself with your super-human strength.

Vision Augmentation

Dues Ex Augmentation

In Dues Ex your vision is very important. You can see enemies around you through walls, and your HUD shows off all your important information that you use in every mission. Without this, you are pretty much screwed. If I had to have this type of vision in my life, I would use it like I am from some crazed Star Trek world. I would have Fails of the Week playing in the bottom corner of my eye while I work, and I would use the vision while I drive to make sure no maniacs are skipping robots and such.


Dues Ex Augmentation

The most wanted Augmentation of all time. Who wouldn’t want to go invisible at any moment of the day? Cloak in Deus Ex, lets you go completely invisible so you can sneak past enemies, run and hide away, or just chill and pretend you are not part of this world anymore. I would totally use the cloak ability when I am just done with life and want to hide away for a few hours. Turn my TV on and play PS4 while completely transparent. The people in the house might think there is a ghost around, but that is their problem.

Speed Enhancement

Dues Ex Augmentation

Do days just go by where you just want to do things a little faster? Everyday for me! The Speed Enhancement Augmentation in Dues Ex lets you do everything you are doing, at double the speed. You can run, reload your weapon, jump, and even crouch faster than ever. If this was possible in real life, you would half the time it takes to do anything, basically giving you an extra half of day. If you ask me, any extra free time is a blessing in disguise, it means more gaming!

If you had to have any Augmentation to live with, what would it be? Let us know below!

Disclaimer: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Tech Girl was given a review copy of the game. 

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