Bytesized | 2 September 2016

Mark ZuckerbErg visits Lagos and shares nappy changing advice, a girl gets all romantic with a pizza (not in that way), some goats balance on rhinos like it is no big deal, stock photos that perfectly sum up agency life and more in Bytesized.

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This girl had a romantic couple shoot with a ‘very special person’ in her life

On Monday, Larson announced to her Facebook friends that she had a very special person in her life, and did a photo shoot to commemorate the occasion...

For more pictures from the romantic pizza shoot, click here. 

ICYMI: What #MargaretVanWyk can teach us aboout public shaming 

These stock images sum up agency life perfectly

Ad Agency Life

Ad Agency Life

Ad Agency Life

To laugh at even more of these stock images, go here. 

AgencyQuotes (One of my favourites. Also nothing is sacred when I’m at work – it usually ends up on Twitter #ThingsYouHearInAgencies) 


Watch some goats balancing on rhinos because TIA

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Mark Zuckerberg on changing diapers

Mark Zuckerberg is in Lagos, and we got to watch the live broadcast. Someone actually asked him about parenting, which I think is cool. As usually that is reserved for the ladies – you know the compulsory “How do you manage your career AND being a mom?”.


On a side note, the last question from the audience went something like this: We as Nigerians were all really angry when you decided to launch Facebook in South Africa when Nigeria is where it is at. No offense to South Africans. 🙂

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