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My top 3 free social sharing plugins for a WordPress blog or website

I have a WordPress blog. One I pretty much built myself albeit with some help from my far more talented brother. I also have a day job. While the two might not seem related… they kind of are. I try get content out to you daily, sometimes I fail but, for the most part I seem to get it right. However, one of the hardest things any “not a full time” blogger will know about is trying to share that content. Ideally you want to make it is as easy as possible to get your latest blog posts out there on the internet and you also want to make sure it is easy for your readers to share. But having a day job means you don’t have time to be tweeting and pinning all day. Which is why I love these WordPress plugins that all help me get my content on social networks or share them with my readers so they can easily tweet or Pin if they need to.

These are my top 3 free social sharing plugins for a WordPress blog or website:

Instagram Slider Widget

free social sharing plugins

I’ve been working especially hard on improving the content I share on Instagram. I’ve taken a considerable amount of time crafting new images that are interesting and fun for people to view. I also have been trying hard to grow my Instagram following. I owe the growth, in part, to the Instagram Slider Widget. It is such a great Plugin to add to your blog. It works as a footer widget that then shares your Instagram posts along the bottom of your blog. It allows your readers to see far more of your images and if they click on one it will take them to your Instagram profile!

free social sharing plugins

Jetpack for WordPress

free social sharing plugins

Jetpack isn’t only one of my top 3 free social sharing plugins, it is probably one of my top 3 plugins period. Once you activate Jetpack you are afforded a host of incredible additions to your blog to assist with functionality and the look and feel. I especially like their social sharing option – which then adds all the social icons to a post to make it easier for your readers to share with their friends.

free social sharing plugins

jQuery Pin It Button For Images

free social sharing plugins

The name is a bit long and the landing page for the Plugin a little bit blah. However, it still gets the job done! The jQuery Pin It Button adds a pinterest button to the left hand corner of your images making it really easy for readers to immediately pin your pics to boards on their pinterest pages. It is so incredibly simple but goes a long way in helping your content to be shared.

free social sharing plugins

Do you have any social sharing WordPress Plugins you swear by? Share them with me in the comments below. 

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