Wonder Woman Phone Cleaner

How cute is this Superhero phone cleaner

One of the things I hate is a grubby phone or laptop. However, my gadgets travel everywhere with me so it makes sense that they’d start getting a little bit dirty. My phone is at my ear a lot while my MacBook probably spends more time with me than my boyfriend (I don’t have a boyfriend, but if I did). That’s why I was rather excited when I found these super cute phone cleaner wipes.

Superman Phone Cleaner

There are ways to use normal household items to clean your phone but when I spotted these wipes on an online store I couldn’t resist.

For starters, they were super cheap, only R26 on Loot, and they had Superman AND Wonder Woman on the packaging. Despite realising there was no actual DC link I’m a stickler for superheroes so I purchased them. The wipes come in a pack of 10 Duo wipes. Each wipe actually has two wipes. Sounds confusing but bear with me.

Wonder Woman Phone Cleaner

The first Wonder Woman wipe is a wet one. You rub down your phone or laptop with it. They’re safe for screens which is a big plus for me.

cleaning phone with wipes

cleaning macbook screen

Once you’ve given your device the wet wipe treatment you then open the dry wipe (which has Superman on the packet) and give your gadget another wipe down, this time removing any residue left by the wet wipe.

Superman Phone Cleaner

I like to turn the dry wipe over and give my device one final clean.

cleaning phone screen

Cleaning laptop screen

And then you’re done. The Superhero phone cleaner wipes are so incredibly easy to use, cheap and they give your phone or laptop a great clean. I’m a huge fan of them because they’re so affordable but also electronics friendly, so you won’t damage your phone screen or MacBook using them. It is really a must have little product. I keep a few in my handbag and the rest at work.

Did I mention they put Superheroes on the packaging? My inner geek girl was happy!


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