fitbit blaze review

The Tech Girl Fitbit Blaze Review

I once had a Fitbit Charge. I loved it. I’ve used lots of wearable fitness trackers and nothing compared to my little black band, other than the Apple Watch which had fitness capabilities I really loved. When I moved to my flat I couldn’t find my Fitbit Charge. I tried a few other products but for the most part I really missed the Charge. So when the Fitbit Blaze arrived for review I got really excited.

It looks like a watch. It is a little bit bigger and more square than the Apple Watch and has a much more sportier look but the plum band and elegant silver finish means it didn’t stand out too badly when I transitioned from gym to work. It is also available in black and blue straps if plum isn’t going to match your wardrobe.

Let’s focus on the gym stuff

fitbit blaze review

For the first time in a long time I didn’t miss the Apple Watch at gym. The Fitbit Blaze comes with a host of fancy features much like the Apple which include a heart rate monitor built in. I’m never really sure if these things work but it is nice to track your rate and ensure you’re getting it up when gyming. I did find over time that the Fitbit Blaze’s heart rate monitor helped me ensure I was constantly upping the anti without having to wear one of those weird chest straps (I’m not that into fitness yet).

The watch also lets you select set workouts with its multi-sport option. These included Weights, Running, Treadmill (where I do most of my running) and Workout. You’re able to track your performance as you and it includes time, heart rate and even speed if need be. The treadmill option was rather rad as it told me how many laps I had done in a session (not a lot). There’s also something called SmartTrack built in. This is a big plus for me because at 5am I forget to start my  workout, SmartTrack recognises a workout even if you forget to activate it and so you still get credit for it. Winning!

The Fitbit Blaze links up to the Fitbit app (if you don’t know how to do that I have a nifty video tutorial here) which offers a host of incredible options as well – which I’m planning to cover in a future article. There are a host of other fitness features included in the watch, some I haven’t even got around to trying yet, including FitStar workouts that basically involve having a little personal trainer on your wrist. Fancy!

But it is the every day stuff I loved

fitbit blaze review

I’m not a hectic gym bunny. Far from it. For me, taking the stairs instead of the elevator constitutes a work out which is why the Fitbit Blaze appeals to me. It’s a demon in the gym but it keeps you going in the office as well. It tracks your steps and, whether you like it or not, you will want to compete with yourself (or your friends via the app, again more on that soon) to improve how many steps you take each day. It also gives you an indication of how often you’re sitting at your desk and when you need to get moving – which is a good reminder to get up and smell the roses if you will.

The battery on the watch also lasted for close on 5 days before needing a charge. This really impressed me because normally wearables with as many features as the Fitbit Blaze tend to run out of juice 48 hours in.

Do you sleep enough?

fitbit blaze review

For me the big must have with the Fitbit Blaze was the sleep tracker. You’re able to record how much time you spend asleep and how much time you spend restless. You can also set alarms to remind you to get ready for bed and to wake up. Honestly, it was a big wake up call for me. I really do not get enough sleep! Seeing the data was a big reminder that all the gym in the world is not going to make me healthier if I don’t get a good rest in the evening. I didn’t think I’d use this feature but it became a must have for me.

The Fitbit Blaze is great

fitbit blaze review

I didn’t realise how much I missed my Charge until the Blaze was on my arm. But all the added features made it the new favourite. My only real issue was that sometimes the watch didn’t match my outfit for work (I’ve found a solution for that though, watch this space!) but I couldn’t handle not having the stats to check out each night and figure out how to improve my activity during the day.

The Fitbit Blaze is expensive, it retails for around R3999. However, if you’re someone who isn’t gym obsessed but looking for a device to help get you moving and allow you to better understand your workouts – this is it. I think it suits someone trying to get active two or more times a week while also crossing over and being a great support for those really active humans who swim during their lunch breaks. It also has some wearable tech included, like alerting you to phonecalls and text messages. So you have a fitness tracker with smart watch capabilities. Best of both worlds!

Disclaimer: I was given a Fitbit Blaze to review. 

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