Pokemon app to find a bae

This Pokemon app could find you your next bae!

When Pokémon Go was released the world went absolutely crazy! In a just a few hours the virtual reality game went viral worldwide, it was even said that the app had generated a total of 150 million downloads and had more daily users than Twitter. After reading an article that  stated Pokémon Go had overtaken the installs of dating app Tinder I had to wonder if there was a way that Pokémon users could find each other and possibly become Pokémon baes.

Well this Pokemon app promises to do just that!

pokemon app to find a bae

After a very short search I discovered POGO chat – once again proving there is an app out there for literally anything. POGO Chat allows user, even the socially awkward, to connect and interact. Nearly everyone I know is playing Pokemon GO and POGO chat makes it possible for you to meet other fans of the Pokemon app in your area. Using geo locations players are able to find trainers in their area and chat to one another on a group chat. Not only does this help you find more Pokémon but also puts you in contact with people you may have never have met if you didn’t share a similar interest obsession. You’re even able to join the Pokemon app teams (Instinct, Mystic and Valor) and only chat to fellow team members.

Still don’t know what all the fuss is about? Here’s how to download Pokemon GO.

Could you meet your potential bae on POGO Chat?

pokemon app to find a bae

Well… yes. You have the potential to end up chatting and possibly meeting a hottie while using POGO Chat. However, some experts are saying that if you want a healthy relationship you should probably limit the amount of time you both spend in game. Despite the warnings, many online dating sites have already set up special Pokemon GO meet and greets, so POGO Chat might be the cheaper option (no need to pay a sign up fee).

POGO Chat is a free application available for download on Android devices. So what are you waiting for?

Gotta catch all ’em baes! 

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