4 apps every student should download

4 apps every student should download

Do you remember your last day of high school? The day you looked forward to every day for 5 years but when you got there it was a bitter sweet ending? When you leave high school you say goodbye to people you spent almost every day with, some of whom you never see again. It’s your first step into becoming grown AF! And if you go to uni or college its often a major jump from high school, even if it is just in your jean size – the first year spread is real!

To make that leap a little easier and give you more time to go out and experience the social life you’re quickly losing; I came up with a list of 4 apps every student should download.

  1. RefMe

4 apps every student should download

Referencing, something so tedious yet so damn crucial to passing any assignment and ultimately avoiding plagiarism. In first year I remember doing an assignment that more than half the class failed due to incorrect referencing. There were people that literally got 0%! I remember feeling super lucky that I managed to get 50% even though I worked all night on the assignment. Yes, I may have left it for the last minute but I gave up my whole night. Despite working all night, most of my referencing was incorrect.

Though you may have access to a lengthy PDF document explaining the correct technique to reference each source, they always seem to be pages long and have none of the answers you need.

Thank goodness in my second year of university I discovered an app that truly changed my life! The one and only RefMe! This app literally cuts a good two hours off any assignment. RefMe is a free application with 7,500 reference styles supported, including MLA, APA and Harvard, there’s most likely a solution to your referencing problems.

You can use the app on your phone to scan the barcodes of books or Journals – Yip it’s that awesome! Simply use your smartphone camera to turn the printed text into digital text.

You can also use RefMe on Chrome to reference web pages, articles, books and videos directly from your browser as you research online. Find out more about this heaven sent app here. Sh!t don’t even procrastinate further, just download it on your IOS or Android device.

  1. The Scanner App

4 apps every student should download

This application was made for the lecture you convinced your hungover ass wasn’t thaaat important! Until you saw Sarah’s detailed notes and all the multi-coloured “NB!” reminders. With the scanner app you can now ask Sarah to see her beautiful colour coded notes and have them scanned on your phone before she can give you a million excuses why she can’t let you take them home – like bitch please why you so stingy?

This app isn’t only useful for class notes it also allows you to share documents as PDF / JPEG files by email, WiFi file sharing, Facebook, cloud storages, webdav, and fax all from your phone or IPad. Download the scanner app here.

  1. Adobe

4 apps every student should download

Because nobody wants to waste money they could be putting towards food and drinks on printing notes that “might” be important. Adobe file reader allows you to view your downloaded PDF documents directly from your tablet or smart phone without having to print them out. The app also allows you to highlight important sections and even make sticky notes where necessary. Available for IOS and Android devices.

  1. Pocket Expense Personal:

4 apps every student should download

4 apps every student should download

If you’re balling on a budget like any other student, this app is a must have! I feel like this app was made for everyone but mostly the people who aren’t living at home anymore. With the Pocket Expense Personal, you are able to track all your transactions and budget for everything from your grocery list to whether you will be drinking Russian Bear or Absolute Vodka at pre drinks this Thursday. Download your first key to adulting here.

Your college/university days are supposed to be some of the best days of your life even though they may not feel that way all the time. For the days you can’t have enough cups of coffee on, there’s apps like these that make life a little easier.

You’re welcome.

4 apps every student should download






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