The female video game characters that changed gaming

Happy National Woman’s Day! To celebrate this fantastic day and Women’s month, I have decided to put together a list of some of the most influential females in video games, and why they are so kick-ass. These woman came into gaming, and have managed to create a whole new experience without breaking the rules. I love them, you love them, we all just love them!


Out of all my favourite heroines in recent years, Bayonetta has to be on top. Her absolute kick-ass style and flair, completely blew me away when I first met her. She is my role model to be honest! She is a witch who is being hunted down by the angels of heaven. Sure they want her dead, but she will not allow it as she has other things to do like stop these crazy lumen sages from summoning a new God to take over the world. Sure it might sound like she has her hands full, but she can handle herself, I mean she has guns on her high heels for goodness sake! How more kick-ass do you get?


Bayonetta might come across like the most hardcore female character ever, but she also has a soft side, which she only shows every now and then in the most stylish way possible. Talking about style, her outfits might send the feminists into a nut house, but they are truly perfection. From her “Sunday Best” hat, to her Samurai-styled Kimono. I would marry her just for the clothes – don’t judge me.

Lara Croft

It would not be list of female game characters without Lara Croft herself. If gaming had a female mascot, it would be Lara Croft. Initially released in 1996, Tomb Raider has gone from being an iconic genre-defining game, to being rather crappy, and then again, to being of the best titles in the industry. Sure, Crystal Dynamics seems to have the formula nailed down, but one thing that has never changes, is that it has been lead by one awesome female.

Lara Croft

Lara Croft is iconic, she is female gaming, and although at times she might be every feminist’s worst enemy, it has been proven that we love Lara whether or not she is sexy and bearing it all. Just take the last two Tomb Raider games for example, they were about the journey of Lara, rather than a female character with big guns and other big things.

Princess Peach

Yes, we are all tired of saving that damn Princess Peach, who is always in another castle I might add. Saying that, we all love her, even though she is pretty useless and in need some serious self-defense training. Princess Peach has become one of the most iconic females in gaming thanks to her awesome pink personality, and her sheer bad luck.

Princess Peach

There is only a certain amount of times you can get kidnapped before you realize that you are actually the problem, but I think she like the attention really. Having two hot Italian studs chase after you all the time, sign me for the next Bowser sighting!


Final Fantasy XIII might not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it, and I loved Lightning to bits. Her badass attitude and complete disregard for anyone’s feelings, kind of made me relate to her. Although she does not get along with many people, she still manages to keep her priorities straight when saving her sister and in the end, killing god itself.


She was originally created as a female version of Cloud Strife, but in the end, she managed to come to life as her own unique character, with all her pink hair, and hardcore personality. She also could not have been voiced by anyone better than Ali Hillis herself.

Who else do you love? Shout out in the comments below!

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