Alcatel Pop Star Review

The Alcatel Pop Star – cute but still somewhat sophisticated

A few weeks ago I had Alcatel Go Play. A funky little phone for the adventurous person, water-proof, dust proof and generally human error proof, read: drop resistant (it will still break if it is a nasty drop…) A fantastic little entry/mid-level phone.

Turns out that the Go Play was just 1 variation of a hugely successful phone series by Alcatel.

Enter the Alcatel Pop Star.

Alcatel Pop Star Review

As the name implies this isn’t as rugged as the Go, it’s for the budding socialite. It almost looks like a top of the range Samsung or Apple, and feels the same. You aren’t getting the brushed aluminum that is fast becoming the normal in the high-end phones, but in your hand it just feels good. I really liked the white backing though I imagine it is going to pretty dirty down the line.

So what are you getting with the Alcatel Pop Star?

Alcatel Pop Star Review

This little lady is pretty much the exactly the same as the Go Play but made for the more luxurious lady, not necessarily planning any rugged adventures. The 5” IPS display, 1GB of Ram and an 8MP camera means you won’t be forking out a year’s worth of make-up costs to buy this, but the mascara will still not run – it does all the things you’d expect from a smartphone.

You’re looking at just over two grand for this one.

Alcatel Pop Star Review

Again Alcatel’s decision to keep the software as clean as possible is a huge plus for me. The phone is kept light which in my experience, keeps it running smoother for longer and lets me get to those high numbers in Slither.io – Yes I’m still playing this game. I might need some help…

This is a fantastic mid-level phone just like its counterpart, the Go Play. With the huge amount of mid-level phones in the market now, there is absolutely no logical reason to fork out huge amounts of money to get the latest and greatest. Which is amazing as this will only force the top-end prices to fall as less people buy the best phones, and why would they? For a quarter of the price you could grab this Pop Star or the Go. And that’s just Alcatel.

We have entered into a situation now where we (the consumers) are spoiled for choice when it comes to buying smart phones.

Alcatel Pop Star Review

So let’s start off right here, you won’t go wrong with the Alcatel Pop Star. You won’t go wrong with the Alcatel Go Play. And while you might not get the highest resolution selfie (but for an extra R10 000 do you really need that?), the Pop Star will look chic in hand, handle all your social media apps and potentially take a phone call at some point.

Do people even use phones for that anymore?

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