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The basics of CSGO – explained by Jason Bourne


Brace yourself, there are a lot of acronyms incoming. It’s EGE this weekend in Cape Town (Electronic Gaming Expo). Cool. At EGE it also happens to be the qualifiers for ESWC (that’s the ESports World Convention). The best South African CSGO teams are going to battle it out to win the South African team spot – which sees them flying to Paris, France to compete against the best in the world.

In the last few months I’ve been very Ra Ra ESports. If you own DSTV (why?) you may have been lucky enough to watch some CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) on SuperSport. However, it may have been a little confusing. I want to make damn sure that whether you’re at the CTICC (Cape Town International Convention Centre…. make the acronyms stop!) or watching on the live streams via Orena, you know what is going on.

To make it as easy as possible I headed to a Nu Metro cinema to get a sneaky look at the new Jason Bourne film (which releases in Nu Metro cinemas on Friday 29 July, FYI). Whether you’re a dude looking for a crazy action film, someone wanting to perve over Damon or if you enjoy a little Spy action this is the movie for you. It also happens to explain the basics of CSGO really well.

Jason Bourne explains the basics of CSGO:

The Plot

basics of CSGO

Jason Bourne movies all follow a similar type of story line. There’s the good guys and the bad guys. The bad guys tend to be terrorists and they tend to be constantly planning to blow stuff up, gain power and create turmoil. The latest Bourne movie is no different, Jason walked away from the spy life, but his old CIA boss won’t be having it and is trying to find him. While the CIA is hunting down Bourne so is his side kick from the last few movies. As they begin to hunt him down we discover Bourne is in the middle of fighting against terrorists hell bent on taking over the world.

CSGO is pretty much the same, only the players on screen aren’t as good looking as Julia Stiles. You have 5 players as the Terrorist Team and 5 Others as Counter-Terrorists. Terrorists want to blow stuff up, the other guys have to stop them. In the same way Bourne fights in different locations around the world, in CSGO you play on different maps with different objectives.

So for example if you play on the de_nuke map as terrorists your goal is melt the nuclear reactor in a decommissioned power plant. As counter-terrorists you’re aware the terrorists are on site courtesy of a silent alarm and now you need to get in and stop them from causing chaos.

Bourne like!

The Play

basics of CSGO

The thing about Bourne is that he knows how to use his surroundings and his senses to create epic fight scenes and take down the enemy. You’ll see a similar style of play when watching a CSGO game. Remember how Jason always tends to hide out waiting for the enemy? CSGO players do the same, camping in a spot waiting for some poor soul to enter their crosshair. It’s less about sight and more about listening to hear when the enemy is coming, Bourne is pretty good and hiding in the shadows, hearing the enemy coming and then taking them out. CSGO players have a similar style of game. They have incredible hand eye co-ordination but also listen to their team mates plays in one ear while listening for the enemy in the other. The guys at Bravado gaming would argue that Bourne could actually level up if he spent some time playing CSGO.

The Props

basics of CSGO

When you first start watching CSGO you might get confused at the beginning of a game. You see all the players standing around tossing weapons to the ground. What’s going on? Well much like Bourne can use a towel to block a punch and a magazine to disarm a knife, CSGO players have a host of various weapons they can use to beat the other team. As they play (and take out players or disarm bombs/plant bombs) they earn cash which allows them to buy various weapons and gear. Personally I’m partial to an AWP.

The People

basics of CSGO

Jason Bourne is a bad ass. No doubt. However, he doesn’t get where he does on his own. A lot of the time he gets support from those around him. CSGO is much the same, players rely on their team mates to share valuable information on where enemies are, what they are doing and what guns they might have. Imagine playing a video game AND trying to communicate with 5 other people. No easy task. That’s what makes CSGO so entertaining to watch – its like the Jason Bourne films in real life!

So when you’re finished watching Bourne at Nu Metro tomorrow come join me at EGE (yes, I’ll be there) to keep the thrills going. If I catch you enjoying the CSGO action you might just win a Jason Bourne hamper on site. If you don’t see me tweet me and @NuMetro and you could still win.

Game on!

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