Prisma – turn your photos into art

Now anyone can be an artist. Prisma turns your photos into art. As is customary the awesome Prisma app was first only available to iPhone users, and after a few weeks us mere mortal Android users had access. Find out what Prisma is all about.

WTF is Prisma?

Prisma allows you to transform any photo into a work of art. This is not your average watercolour or sketch effect that you paid R50 at the mall for. There are loads of filters that mimic famous artists as well as popular patterns and ornaments.

prisma app

Get Prisma for iOS here or Android here. 

What filters can I use with Prisma?

With over 30 styles available, you really are spoilt for choice. Follow Prisma on instagram or simply search for #Prisma to see what you can do with your images. 

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via @dr__dee and #prisma #prismaart #brooklyn #brooklynbridge #newyork

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When I tried Prisma out, I got a lot of these messages. But I guess that’s what happens when you become a cool kid.

prisma is over capacity

I was able to get one pic done, and used the ice cream filter. Meet Harper the Bunny, she is a Flemish Giant.

harper the bunny prisma

This dude edited all of these stills in Prisma and then created a stop motion video, bringing you a Prisma music video. And it is as cool AF. source

If you haven’t already, download Prisma and get creating. I’m guessing by the end of the week everyone will have new profile pics on social media (selfies) and awesome artwork of their furkids.

Get Prisma for iOS here or Android here. 

ARTY TIP: post your favourite Prisma images on instagram and get them printed by Nifty 250. Viola, art.

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