Matrix wants to give your favourite charity R5000


Today is Mandela Day. 18 July was originally Nelson Mandela’s birthday and to celebrate a man who taught forgiveness over revenge South Africans have started contributing some 67 minutes of their time on this day to making the world a better place. At our office we’ve been asked to donate some old clothes and bring them to work so one of our colleagues can distribute them to the poor tonight. Other people spend their lunch break cleaning up litter or giving up some time to volunteer at an old age home.

Matrix wanted to do more than just 67 minutes and wants to give your favourite charity R5000

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One of the things I’ve always loved about technology is that at its core it serves a fundamental purpose to make our lives better. Car tracking may recover your car in the event of theft but it also saves lives by reacting to emergency situations on our roads.According to crime statistics released in 2015 – 35 cars were hijacked every day in South Africa. We see so many horrific stories of moms being forced out of their vehicles by criminals who drive off with a baby in the back seat. I cannot imagine the terror that must inflict on anyone. Matrix Vehicle Tracking promotes an idea of “bringing you home safely” and their technology serves to potentially save lives in the most awful of circumstances.

However, Matrix hasn’t stopped there.


The company is extremely active in promoting safe driving practices and runs content online to not only protect you in a potential hijacking situation but also just to improve your overall experience on the road. The company culture dictates that they focus on improving the lives of their customers. For Mandela Day they wanted to do a bit more than that and improve the lives of those that matter to their customers.

Matrix is asking you to nominate your favourite charity and they’ll donate R5000 to them as part of their Mandela Day activities. No matter the charity you have the opportunity to nominate them on the Matrix Facebook page with a small write up as to why they deserve the money.

So if you cannot get out of your office today and still want to do your bit for Mandela Day, head on over to this Matrix facebook post (click the link to open the page in your browser) and comment on the post with your chosen charity and why they deserve the R5000. You’ll be doing your bit and helping Matrix do more of theirs.

What else will you be doing to celebrate Mandela Day today? 

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