Bytesized | 15 July 2016 – The Mandatory Pokemon Go Edition

To say that Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm is an understatement. Pokemon Go has been downloaded more times in a week than Tinder has since its launch 4 years ago.  Pokemon Go is estimated to be on 5% of smartphones, while Tinder is only on 2%. In this case love doesn’t always win. 



WTF is Pokemon Go?

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And where can you find Pokemon?

Pretty much any where and some of the places are hilarious. Check out the video below.

Apparently Central Park is also a popular venue. This video shows the future and it looks scary.

You really can collect Pokemon anywhere…

Guy collects Pokemon while wife gives birth

Everyone is jumping on the Pokemon Go bandwagon, especially these guys

Make sure you check your privacy settings before you download any app, particularly this one.

Pokemon Go  = ka ching $$$

Playing the game isn’t enough. Players want an advantage and they want it all now, so they buy Pokeballs, incense to lure Pokemons and other virtual goods. Pokemon Go is making $1.6m each day from virtual good sales in the US alone! 

Investors are also betting big on Pokemon Go, as the app hasn’t even been released in Japan, the home of Pokemon, yet.

 Pokemon Go will teach you real life skills, like decision making



And remember even though we are playing in an AR world, the real world still exists

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