source code for true love

The source code for true love

There is a guest writer on the blog today and she has a romantic little story to tell you.

About the author:

Tanya is the founder of www.thingstodowithkids.co.za, she has a honors degree in science, is a wife and mom of two. She likes to blog about family travels and making family activities fun. Tanya believes that love can in fact turn this world around and she will continuously search for ways to help people connect,restore and most importantly thrive in family life.

Okay, let’s get started! 

Today I have awesome news to share with you. I know how we all want to change the world, or we may think “if only we were the Elon Musks and Mark Zuckerbergs of this era”. Well, I have fantastic news for you. You can in fact change the world.

The source code for true love has been revealed.

The ancient story goes like this:

 source code for true love

A young man traveled the world, crossing rivers, climbing mountains, and slaying dragons. One day he met an old man, a wicked wizard.  The old man told a fantastic story about the source code of true love.  When the wizard revealed that he is still in possession of the code, the young man begged to be shown the secret.  

The grizzled old man looked at his young acquaintance and said: “Oh young man, if I show you, I will have to kill you”

After years of adventuring, the young man could not let this momentous opportunity pass, even if it meant dying at the sight of it. The old man took out a soft scroll, and handed it to the young man.  After careful inspection, the young man looked up and the wizard prepared to strike, but the witty young man used the secret code, and the wicked wizard’s heart softened.  He could not bring himself to kill this young man he barely knew.

The source code of love was no longer a secret, and it was passed on from one brave heart to the next.  With every sharing of the code, this warning preceded the revelation: “If you have this knowledge use it wisely, my friend. Be patient and kind when you apply the code. Do not envy, do not boast, do not be too proud. Honour others, be careful of self-seeking. Be slow to anger, keep no record of wrongs. Do not delight in evil, but rejoice with the truth. Protect, trust, hope, and always – yes always –  persevere”.

And so, here it is: The source code for true love

 source code for true love

Arthur Aron from the State University of New York found that there is indeed a recipe for “Interpersonal Closeness” to flourish. Asking a predefined set of 36 questions followed by wordlessly staring into the eyes of a partner for a few minutes leads to a deep connection with that partner. Members who participated in later experiments reported feeling connected and in love, some even got married after this experiment.

When this scroll was passed on to me, as a scientist at heart and in disbelief, I decided to take the test. I am already married and thus played it safe by setting up a date with my husband. I asked him some of the questions and then, took 5 minutes to stare into his eyes.

Moments after the test I asked him: “Do you feel any different? He said, “Well…” and I completed what we both thought we knew at that moment in time- “…not really, hey?” We laughed it off and on my way to my room, I had a sudden urge to connect with this man. As I am not sure what Sam’s blog readership looks like in terms of age, I will stop the story here, and just conclude:

It works! It really works magic.

 source code for true love

So I would like to encourage you, go on, practise it regularly with the one you love, try this with the guy or girl of your dreams, but remember to follow the ancient scroll’s guidelines before you run the code.

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For families with “difficult kids”:

Why not share the love by staring at your love and take part in the #starethelove challenge. Ask your child your own connection questions, then try and have them look into your eyes for 1 to 4 minutes depending on their age.

Although the story is fictional the research is real.  Download the 36 questions by clicking here

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