Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

I have spent far too much time watching Kylie Jenner’s Snapchats and have had the term lip kit drilled in to my head. The thing is, her lips look so damn good on Snapchat that I was seriously considering buying a kit and flying it in from the States. But how do you know what colour to choose? How do you know the lip kits aren’t cheap and crap?

Thank Goodness for Urban Decay

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

It’s no secret that I’ve recently become a fan of Urban Decay. They now have a South African store and I’ve already abused my credit card there. They also happen to have the most gorgeous lipsticks. I’m currently waiting for payday to splurge on a Naked 2 palette but, in the mean time, I’m feeding a lipstick addiction and I don’t have to spend a single cent.

Introducing the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

So this is a really little clever app designed for iPhone (you can download it for free here). It utilises augmented reality to allow you to try out the 100 different shades of Urban Decay lipsticks on offer. It’s extremely easy to use. After download you’ll open the app and get to watch a funky video of Ruby Rose pouting away. From there you can scroll through the various shades of lipstick. You can adjust search criteria according to shades (these are further broken up in to options within a shade, so think Blue-Based Reds, Browns and Mauve Nudes) or you can opt to search for finishes (Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer etc).

Once you’ve found a particular colour you’re interested in you simply tap on it and the app gives you more information on the lipstick colour. You can find out what lip pencil you should be pairing it with, photos of the colour on various models of different skin tones as well as a link up to the product page on Urban Decay’s website.

Now for the augmented reality bit

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

The Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App actually lets you try on the various lipstick colours. Once you click “try it on” or “experiment” the app opens your phone’s selfie camera and actually puts the lipstick on you so you can see what it looks like. I’ve tried a few of these augmented reality type options for make-up and hair. This app was the first that really impressed me because it looked so incredibly real. I tried it with Oblivion, a nude lip colour from Urban Decay that I actually own, and the picture from the app looks almost identical to what I look like wearing the colour.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App

It’s really a fun app to play on but also a great way to shop. Rather than testing colours on your hand you can simply try them on in app, save your pics on the app with your options and get in store to get what you need. No hassles! I think it is a pretty accurate app and I was rather impressed. My only gripe was that I couldn’t search by shade name to try options on but rather had to browse. A little bit of a headache when you’re looking for that particular shade but probably won’t bug the lipstick fans too much.

No word yet on when this app is coming to Android yet.

Have you played with the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick App yet? Which is your favourite colour? 

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