Philips Disney Lights

Disney lights for little ones and the young at heart

Growing up I was terrified of the dark. We grew up in a big farm house and to get to the bedrooms you went down a flight of stairs which led to a long dark passage. My dad almost always forgot to replace the light bulbs in the passage. Heading to my room in the evenings to fetch something was almost always a terrifying experience. The living area of the house was filled with light and laughter. I’d switch the light on in my room, grab my item and then have to switch off the lights and head back up the passage. The dark space that was my parents’ master suite lingered behind me and I was sure there was a terrible monster waiting for me in those shadows. I’d flick off my switch and sprint down the passage and barrel up the stairs taking them two at a time (no mean feat for a seven year old).

Philips Disney Lights

Up until the age of 12 I’d insist on going to bed with the lights on. It drove my parents mental but I had such a deep seeded fear of what lived in the dark. I’d fall asleep and my mom would come turn off the lights. I’d almost always wake up the middle of the night and scramble to get the lights back on which would, of course, scare my mom if she got up in the middle of the night and saw a glowing light. I had a little bed side lamp but I really do wish I had some of these adorable Disney lights back in the day.

Philips Lighting has partnered with Disney to bring out a range of lighting options for little ones or, if you’re like me, those of us who want to keep our inner child gleeful.

The Philips Disney LivingColours Micro Light

Philips Disney Lights

These are honestly the cutest little lights. Remember when I shared the Philips Hue Bloom with you? The colour of the lighting could be adjusted via an app. With these Disney lights you simply plug them in and they light up. You then run your finger across the top colour bar to get the desired colour. The Spectrum offers up 64 different colours and ranges from darker blues, purples, pinks, reds, oranges and a bright yellow. Your kids will love playing with the different colours but they also work really well as soothing night light. You can switch off the main lights and then Ariel or the Cars characters (there are also princess lights) can entertain the kids as they doze off.

Philips Disney Lights

I can easily see a little light like this sitting next to a bed keeping a little Sam far happier as she drifts off to sleep. Because of the softer hue mom can simply slide the lights off and likely won’t disturb your child’s sleep. They’re also so damn cute! To fin out a little bit more about the Philips Disney offerings you can visit the Philips website here.

Disney Candles

Philips Disney Lights

These Mickey & Minnie LED Candles are just the cutest little things I have seen in forever. They’re also such smart night lights for kids. Remember how I told you about my fear of the dark and how I switched on the lights in the middle of the night? I wish I had one of these candles next to my bed. They’re housed in strong plastic but look like cute little glass directions. You charge them up with a USB cable and once fully charged they’re wireless with around 10 hours battery life. You can put them next to your daughter’s bed and when she wakes up in the night all she needs to do is turn the cup in her hand. A quick 90 degree flick activates the little LED light at the bottom of the cup. The Disney light gives the effect of a little tea light. It’s a great little night light if your child gets nervous in the dark.

Philips Disney Lights

I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I’ve actually been keeping Minnie next to my bed. The Disney light is great to flick on if you hear something go bump in the night… oh dear, did I just admit that I’m actually STILL afraid of the dark?

For more information on when all these fun Disney lights will be available head on over to the Philips Lighting website. You’ll also get to learn a little something about LED lighting which I found fascinating.

Now, serious question – do I keep the Cars LivingColour Micro or the Ariel one? I cannot decide which one should be my new bed lamp!


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